10 Movies you cannot remake

1. Top Gun(1986)



An 80's classic starring Tom Cruise - further arguments are invalid. Top Gun was and still is one of the best military action/drama films ever made. You'll witness many kinds of friendships on the screen but you'll never find anything like Maverick and Goose. Adrenaline rush, aircrafts flying at mach speed, excellent soundtrack, romance, Navy uniforms and the ability to combine all these without being disproportionate is what defines a "That movie makes my heart weep" and simply cannot be remade without the same cast or music because what happened in the 80s stays in the 80s.


2. The Shawshank Redemption(1994)



There are a few films which you watch and get over with and there are ones which will change the way you look at life completely. An enriching story-line and minimal BGM combined with the exceptional composition of screen time versus dialogues, this movie has moved millions of people and still remains a source of inspiration for film-makers around the globe. If anyone ever tried to even remotely remake this legendary movie, they'd have to consider casting a Morgan Freeman from a parallel universe, if you know what I mean.


3. Bad Boys(1995)



We know a Bad Boy when we see one because the crime fighting duo - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have redefined the 'Good cop, bad cop' in this insane amalgamation of explosions, car chases and gun-firing. The critics might not have appreciated this movie and its sequel but there's something about it that screams badass - it could be the gangster theme music or guy saves girl or Will Smith constantly dropping the mic. There could be a possibility of a remake but it will never be anything like this 1995 version because if it ain't Will Smith, it ain't no Bad Boys.


4. Premam(2015)



Malayalam movies have been long known for deep and sentimental stories, with Premam being one of them. Surprisingly, this movie reached more people than the creators originally expected. It created so much rage that people actually made a remake and hopefully we've learnt our lesson. It's an art to show the different phases of life of a character without disturbing the environment or introducing monotony. Plus, Nivin Pauly and Sai Pallavi share a beautiful mutual understanding of their respective roles and no matter who else portrays them, it'll never be like the Malayalam version even if you dub the lyrics of Malare or Aluva Puzha. So, which ever state you belong to and which ever language you speak, the OST songs from Premam are the ones to drool for.



5. Casablanca(1942)



Casablanca is one of those movies which do not give away the story with the title and you'll only understand what it means once you hear the last line of the movie. The way Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman look into each other's eyes cannot be written about because it's way too pure to be just a scene in a movie. Also, the dialogues are so beautifully written, there's no argument about the number of times one can watch this movie and it'd be a sin to even think about recreating this world war classic.


6. Reservoir Dogs(1992)



There's no Quentin Tarantino film without bloodshed or brutal death scenes and Reservoir Dogs does complete justice to that fact. When a robbery goes wrong, the least that could happen is a few casualties and the 'boss guy' not getting the money. If you think that, then you haven't watched this glorious creation of a mastermind. This movie has one of the perfect present/past/future jumps and you can't deny that whatsoever. What we can't decode is that how Tarantino manages to use music to give a personality to all the movies he's directed because you'll know it's his movie if you hear someone watching it in the outer space.



7. Lakshya(2004)



Bollywood has its fair share of emotional movies but this one will always be the most special one for anyone who was has a weakness for Preity Zinta or Hrithik Roshan, rest assured them being together. Lakshya showed us what a Gentleman Cadet feels like when he's undergoing training at a Military Academy and how his perception about everything slowly grows. Like that was not enough, the soundtrack will make you kick yourself in the gut and stand up on your toes to do something for our country. Though the story might look like it can be remade but it will never be enough because Farhan Akhtar wove patriotism, friendship and family into something so intricate that it cannot be easily untangled. 


 8. Home Alone(1990)



No matter how old you are, Home Alone has to be on the list of your favourite movies. No further questions. The reason why it's such a hit is because at one point in our lives, we've always wanted to be home alone and rule over our empire until mom returns from grocery shopping. This movie encapsulates the exact feeling and it's highly relatable at so many levels. But obviously, things go wrong, the pizza guy trips and you finally talk to that mysterious old guy at the Church. Chris Columbus made a sequel but it was nothing like the first part. And, there are other reboots to this series which din't do that well because once you get the change, you keep it, you filthy animal!


9. Memento(2000)




I think it's a safe bet that you don't simply remake a Christopher Nolan movie. Even if  you did remake it, it would lack the essence of it all - the sense of satisfaction in the end, or at the beginning? The amazing sibling duo - Christopher and Jonathan Nolan have never failed to surprise anyone when it comes to nail-biting films. Memento has a unique storyboard progression, unlike a normal movie and your head might hurt once you reach the end but that's the beauty of it. This movie utilises the concept of minimalism very effectively and it'll be unacceptable to watch a non-Nolan Memento.



10. Heat(1995)  



A movie with both Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro is the answer to all your life problems. Heat revolves around these two insanely talented people - the cop and the criminal in an epic follow up of their respective backgrounds. Another 90's classic which has one of the most iconic movie scenes in the history of mankind cannot be replicated into another one, let alone the idea. This movie has excellent cinematography, perfect timing and an exciting BGM like a lemonade on a hot sunny afternoon followed by a nap afterwards because Heat has the ultimate ending that any cop versus bad guy film can ever have.


Written by - Sajida Ayyup 

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