News about a tamil remake of Sarkar has been doing it's rounds in the industry. Yes, I get what you're wondering, "What's so big about this?", It's not like the biggest star in India is acting with his son-in-law. OH WAIT!! YES, HE IS.


News has spread rapidly about none other than Superstar Rajnikanth joining hands with Dhanush to star in the remake of the Hindi film Sarkar. Much like Amitabh did with his son, Our Thalaivar is set to work with his son-in-law in what could be the biggest movie EVER. According to sources, Thalaivar is set to complete shoot of "2.0" which is said to end by the start of 2017, Dhanush will be joining him after the completion of his Hollywood debut's first schedule which could mean the further delay of Vetri Maran's much-anticipated crime saga, Vada Chennai.

To give you an idea of what the film is about, Sarkar is basically a loose remake of The Godfather set in Bombay, starring Big B as the city's own Vito Corleone(inspired by real-life patriarch Bal Thakeray) and Abhishek playing his US-returned reel-life son who gets pushed into the world of crime and is forced to assume the role of his father. This could mean that two of the biggest characters would collide and to add to it, the connection and relationship between Dhanush and Rajini will make the movie even more personal. I guess it's only a matter of time until more details of the movie are revealed like the supporting cast and the title.


So until then,

Let's not forgot to Remember the Day that this news was announced. We'd be Fools if we think that this wouldn't be a blockbuster.


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Written by Kishen Das

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