Why songs are the greatest weapons in Indian Cinema

“He loves music!”

“Don’t we all?”


...Goes a convo in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.



What else can connect hearts than the language of music? What else can connect thoughts miles away from one another than a song with soul, magic and light in it? To cut a part of a song that speaks my state of mind and sending it to people has been my signature ‘You mean a lot to me’ move always. They fuel the otherwise mechanical life that travels in the traffic connecting somewhere and somewhere. They drop life in the day that broke with cruelty.. the night that close with sins..


Songs! The greatest tool rather a weapon in Indian cinema to win hearts, to stir million minds at a go, have always been our companions. More intimate they are, more speechless you are to express the feel it pours. However.. One song that stuck in my mind ever since I saw Lootera haunted me for several nights.


Before you read further, we suggest you play THIS: 



Lootera! The one who looted all her good times, her family, her father’s belief, her roots, her wealth.. loots her heart finally! She refrains from everything.. from the world outer, from her city, from him.. And settles in her solitude. With her pen that won’t write a thought for her. With her papers that won’t take a word from her. With her mind that won’t be what it was. And.. he comes again!


The hatred is fiery. Left all, lost all.. one thing that is left now is the tree in front of her window. The last leaf marks her death, she believes. This external thrive somehow kept extending forever. That’s mysterious. She can’t get why the last leaf never flew away. What’s with the last leaf? What makes it still attached? And.. here is this swinging relationship that shattered to pieces once for all.. is still pulled together by something! Something she knew but didn’t want him to know.


As curtains flew in the breeze that hits when you open your eyes post a long night where you hit the bed with so much stress and illusions.. the song begins. Amit Trivedi makes music to the thoughts you never confess to anyone.. to the feelings you never express.. to the moments you are craving for.. to the moon light that falls unnoticed in a serene river.. to the soul of Pakhi!


The chorus-y male vocals question the very passion she tries to hide.. The love that has been buried deep beneath her solitude and hatred.. It’s like he found it finally. He unveiled the woman she is! The intensity of what she felt for him was so much and it overflows without her concern. The virtual gunpoint corundum occurs between her head and heart as his slightest presence anymore would make her surrender herself to him, neglecting whatever happened in the past.


“Be adab si..

Par gazab si..

Manmarziyaan! Manmarziyaan!"


She knew all these contradictions are misleading.. Yet they are mesmerising. They are worth it.


The dopey high point of the song is when the singer stretches a bit longer on ‘Bhooli bhaali..’, the innocent and naive desires of the heart that are no longer prisoned. The song sounds like what would a modern Meera and a contemporary Krishna say to each other. Every time she calls for ‘Manmarziyaan!’, it’s a damn divine blend of obsession and helplessness. And the succeeding male vocals with single words derives sheer out of the world eargasms!


Lootera has one of my all time favourite movie endings. When the film ends.. you smile with an ache…a joyous cry wondering how beautifully the masterful connection he brats about is linked.. how wonderfully O.Henry’s short story (THE LAST LEAF) is blended in a thrilling ride into two hearts (or one, as they are).


As Pakhi smiles and the screen fades to.. you do know that sometimes the falsely painted leaf is more beautiful than any leaf you have ever seen.


Written by Vignesh Srikanth

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The exploiting of inner feelings of ones characters in the film gives a push towards by this song sequence while listening ours senses felt and while reading our thoughts felt both inner and outer mechanism of feeling a emotion recaptured by this article….Thanks to reminding this song again…..

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