Why 'Rasaali' is the best thing to come from Rahman in a long time

Yesterday.. when this phenomenon happened.. I was in a friend’s music studio. I didn’t have any idea about this song coming up. All of a sudden.. the newsfeed was filled with warm-ups for Raasaali. And you know what happens when ARR’s new track comes.. you are quite prepared to feel disappointed.. only to be mind-blown in the next two, three days!  

As I said, ARR’s new track must have been out now. . he played it in his system with surround speakers. And it’s a KNOCK OUT!


The song is an instant killer! If Thalli pogaadhe is ARR driving in the pedestal of this generation.. Rasaali is taking the whole younger lot in one go! To experience quality music! To make them witness something that has been deliberately missed / avoided here mostly! To make them know what sensation a blend of traditional raags, stellar lyrics and intense renditions can create!


The song is so good that you forget your aversions, dislikes.. you won’t mind watching Simbu’s reactions in this song. Though you are bored of GVM’s school of films repeating same themes in different mileus.. you would get a new ray of hope now that GVM will be coming up with something  else. That’s the positivity Rahman can effortlessly throw in a film.

Now think of a dense forest with only light that heads ahead is from your bike. It’s moon up there. Birds chirping all over. And you are with this girl who has blessed you with her presence. 

“Parakkum Raasaaliye! Raasaaliye! Nillu! 
Ingu nee vegamaa naan vegamaa sollu!”

And.. she is getting into this enchating once in a while experience which she has never gone through before. 

“Paravai pol aaginen.. pol aaginen.. Indru! 
Siragum en kaigalum.. en kaigalum.. ondru!” 

If Parandhu sellavaa is glee roaming around inside a room, Raasaali is ecstasy unveiled in openness.

There is an interesting Jugalbandhi feel to both songs.



And it works so well here. It is happening between them. Like the notion of Jugalbandhi.. the quarrel is – now who has got the guts to come up first?

Last time, with OKKanmani.. when Rahman served a grand musical feast ranging from the techno-trendy Mental Manadhil to spiritual Maula, from a gamer’s rap Kaaraa aattakaaraa to melodic indie pop Sinaamika.. and few stunners that overshadowed everything else like Theeraa Ulaa and Naane varugiren.. I remember saying Naane varugiren as Rahman plucking that intimate nerve of yours and setting it in fire with tornado of emotions and pour a shower of ManiRatnamness over it. Be it that or Raasaali.. Sathya Prakash and Shaashaa, (who is an arrival for sure..) nailed it together so well and comes up a duo to look forward. 

I love the way Thaamarai could write about men so well.. Remember ‘Ethanayo kaalam thalli.. nenjoram panithuli?’. And now.. “Kulir kaaigindra thee!”, he says. She is the one who came up with ‘Anal mele panithuli’ for a girl. :)

The true champ of the song starts post 1.33 when the musical interlude starts grooving. What sort of spell is that! To come up with something like that in a song that begun this way! Who else can put as through all such sheer adventures! When the vocals begin.. it’s a heartening ear warm! 

An intersting insomniac / a nocturnal hint is there. 

“Ettuthisai muttum enai pagalinil.. 
Kottum pani mattum thunai iravinil..”

“Nettum oru pattukural manadhinil madiveno?” he asks. When he trips down that ‘madiveno’.. you can get how pleading that boy is! How much he wants to cherish the treasure he is owning!


Last time I got so much high while coming across a similar context was in ‘Thaalaattum kaatre vaa vaa!’ from Poovellaam un vaasam by Vairamuthu.

‘Un chinna idhazh mutham thinnaamal.. en jenmam veenendru poveno? 
Un vanna thirumeni seraamal.. en vayadhu paazhendru aaveno? 
Un azhagu raajaangam aalaamal.. en aavi siridhaagi poveno?’

And look.. how fascinatingly Thamarai describes a ride! 

The boy.. This rider! Is enjoying every bit of the moment.. where the wind rushes upon his face.. and there is this wonder girl to his back.. And will he ever think about missing this? 

“Munnil.. oru kaatrin kali mugathinil.. 
Pinnil.. siru pachaikkili mudhuginil..
Vaazhvil oru payanam idhu mudindhida viduveno?”


There is a stunning filler with a single word ‘Ninnukori’ by Shaashaa at second interlude. Check out the leap she takes between ko to ri in 4.05 to 4.08. She blushes musically.

As she begins her rendition in the second charanam.. the song breaks the whole masculine rush it had and dives into intimacy with the feminine charm to 
her whole ‘Anubavam pudhumai’ feels to the line, “Munnum idhu pole pudhu anubavam..  kanden ena sollumbadi ninaivillai!’.. the hide and seeky “Vinmeengalum veembaai enai thodarvadhai” or the way one experiencing the passing places.. which is very interestingly arranged with “Oorukkoru kaatrin manam kamazhvadhai maravene!” 

Having said that all.. But what sort of phenomenon we are witnessing! It’s been 23 years. He has come across hell lot of transitions. After hundreds and hundreds of duets.. after so much celebrations.. conveying so many emotions.. winning so many commercials..  How tremendously adaptive and rejuvenating this man is!


Hearing to this song in loop since yesterday.. I can’t stop wondering how imperial Rahman is getting with time! All I want to sing for Rahman is.. 

“Azeem -O-Shaan Shahenshah! Vaazhga vaazhgave! 
Anbaalan! Panbaalan! Assalaam alaikkum!” _/\_


Written by Vignesh Srikanth

dhiliban August 12, 2016

beautiful piece of article fr a beautiful song

Adlin November 25, 2016

On repeat mode…

Rohit Aradhya February 01, 2017

I’ve never seen someone analyse a song with this much passion and love…Manushan, rasichu rasichu ezhudhirkaaru!

nani ninnu kori movie May 16, 2018

Thank you for sharing.
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