Uriyadi Review: An unmissable masterpiece that deserves our support!
“Akkini kunjondru kanden..
Adhai angoru kaatinil pondhidai vaithen.
Vendhu thanindhadhu kaadu!
Thazhal veerathil kunjendrum moopendrum undo?“

Can you believe that after 70+ years, this volcanic Bharathiyar poem speaking of a forest set in fire that doesn’t discriminate lower or higher, has fiercefully rejuvenated itself into a full fledged cinema? Go for Uriyadi in theatres near you! A film from the desk of a debut director and a bunch of newcomers that once for all sets a whole new dimension to such small budget gems!
URIYADI can be regarded as the first successful Indie film in Tamil Industry that comes from our roots without aligning to any Western, European or Korean influences. And what’s even more exciting is.. it could so easily make the mainstream connectivity without being a standoffish art cinema where before a scene ends you can have a tea-break.  If the recent, critic’s kid from Malayalam industry, ‘Kammatipaadam’ is a new wave cult (which, for me, broke a whole new level in LAG) and still struggles to hold one’s attention for 3 hours with a star as sensational as Dulquer.. URIYADI is for sure ten steps ahead, given its no star value and low key promotions yet having its whole audience gripped.


The film has a jaw-dropping realism that doesn’t fall under any cinematic restrictions or aesthetics. From the very first scene.. you are right into the mood of the story and thrill it sets. Like a ticking bomb, events unfold one by one in the narration. Though one may complain that few scenes come up amateur or unprofessional (as industry people would say), the film’s strong base is in its content and after a point, you will be raced by the slow burning narration.


One of the prime highlights of the film is.. its stunningly choreographed pre-interval action sequence which has been done with a highly seductive stylization and an adrenaline rushing background score.


As Tarantino would say, it is a sheer pleasure to watch violence on screen when it is exceptionally well made. Every time as the guitar screams and vocals begin.. the film gets a peaking high in its graph! Similarly.. the entire sequence near to climax is terrific. And at many points, what moves a scene is very brilliant than the execution itself. Look out for how a beggar character and a transgender’s has been used in the telling.


The ambience that every atmosphere in the film provides is spine chilling. I don’t remember another Tamil film that had this much perfection in recreating a college life. Be it the laboratory sequences or the hostel vibes, there is something beyond props and set-works to hold one. So is the unusually eery dhaba / bar locale! And how long since we saw a regular Tamil film with such authentic performance from background, crowd and character artists.


Not to forget the duo who takes the plunge in the plot – Vijay (who directed and produced the film) and Chandru, who plays the role of an angry young man in the gang, coming up with great screen presence. I mean.. look at their gesture, body language and the way they hold your sight in the screen. It has nothing to do with experience or the acting capabilities.. but just sincere understanding of a scene and its essence.  Arrivals to look forward!


As Mani Ratnam says.. “The high you derive out of watching a good film is tremendous!” Let us keep the words spread and celebrate this passionate piece of work, fuelled by nothing but spirit of a team to break the odds for art! 


Written by Vignesh Srikanth

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