5 Must Watch Netflix Thrillers:

Parties? Pffft, I'll pass. What better way to spend the weekend than to curl up on the couch with a ton of junk food, a cold beer (or five), good company, and of course- great movies. If you’re in the mood to start a movie and really commit to it, these are our top thriller picks from Netflix.

Gerald’s game:

The 1992 Stephen King novel turned film is sure to leave you in a what-the-fuck-was-that state of mind by the end of it. What’s special about this film is how it explores and portrays the psychological turmoil the protagonist’s mind experiences after being hit by a shocking trauma. This movie is gruesome, intense, gripping, thought-provoking and is sure to make you uncomfortable and cringe- a lot.

Bird box:

Most of you might have already seen this film, given the rave and adulation it garnered upon its release. Whether it is Sandra Bullock’s stupendous performance or the highly intriguing plot, Bird Box is definitely worth another watch simply to explore the many other layers present in the film which one watch might not do justice to.


Cam tells the story of a webcam porn artist whose life takes a dark turn when she finds a mysterious doppelganger that takes over her channel. Without revealing too much, what makes this story immensely disturbing is because of how relatable it is with regards to the possible deadly consequences of online pornography.

Velvet Buzzsaw:

Velvet Buzzsaw is a highly entertaining modern satire thriller, with Jake Gyllenhaal playing the role of an art critic who stumbles upon mysterious paintings by an unknown artist which turn out to have supernatural abilities.

The Ritual:

If you’re a fan of the late 90s cult classic The Blair Witch Project, you might enjoy this rendition of a group of friends getting themselves intertwined amidst an evil force which leads to a catastrophic turn of events. If you aren’t a fan of mainstream horror movies that use jump scares and other cheap tactics to keep you on the edge, then you’re in for a real treat with this one!

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