5 Off-screen things we love about Thalapathy

There is so much that we love about our Thalapathy on screen from the small mannerisms to amazing dance routines. How he portrays himself off-screen was also an important part of it and here’s why.

Vida Muyarchi:

How he never gave up and continued working hard to reach the place he has today has always been an inspiring story to hear. A true story of “Vida Muyarchi, Viswaroopa Vetri”.

The Anna Factor: 

Every Thalapathy fan calls him Anna with so much love. We’ve had many actors to relate to but Vijay is one of a kind just because a  lot of us connect to him as someone from our own homes.


Fans are Family:

If the fans love him, he loves them just as much! We can see how much he respects them with his every action. He always makes movies with his fans in mind. And this is quite a feat, with his fanbase spread across widely different age groups.


Karuthaa Pesradhu:

His audio launch speeches are simply iconic. When he speaks everyone listens and some follow his words just because their Thalapathy said it. As an established actor he knows this well and uses every opportunity to help his fans grow into better individuals.

Real life Hero:

He does a surprising amount of charity work and the fans adore how he does not publicise his philanthropy. He portrays himself as a humble down to earth person and it only enhances when we see a small dance or an inspiring dialogue off-screen. No wonder he's celebrated so much by his fans!


Even with so many fans, this level of fame today but there is a lot to learn from looking back at his struggles, the hard work that brought him to who he is today. Thank you for being a role model Thalapathy!

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