5 Reasons why we're thankful for Panchathanthiram right now

With the uncertainty regarding the lockdown rising growing concerns and with only four walls to feel motivated within, it can get really difficult to keep ourselves going every day. But even difficult would it have been for me to imagine living this life without having any movies to rely on for comfort.  

In my hunt for films to watch and re-watch during the abundant time that I have now, one lazy night I stumbled upon Panchathanthiam’s thumbnail on Sun Nxt and thought why not?! One of the wisest decisions I’ve made in the recent past. The film had me in splits within no time and left me feeling lighter and happier. So, in my little attempt to get you to rewatch the film again I’ve come up with five reasons why I am thankful for Panchathathiram right now!

1. Insanity

Keeping yourself sane during insanity is not an easy task. But trust me when I say that, seeing more absurd and insane things happen in an alternate reality is surprisingly relaxing. This film has an absurd storyline where weird things keep happening in every other scene. The film’s story revolving around a road trip, a dead body, diamonds, and relationship troubles goes on to tell you how things will eventually get better. Not that it has to but the little assurance sure is soothing!

2. Comedy

To-date, Panchathanthiram is appreciated for its brilliant humor and comic timing. Due to an overdose of content during this period, very few films have been able to emotionally touch me as much as this one did. Especially with its humor! Unlike the usual format, nowhere will you find an unnecessary emotional scene inserted for the heck of it. Laughing truly is therapeutic especially when it comes to a film like this. There isn’t one dull moment till the end thus leaving you a little more joyful after a watch. 

3. Performances

This film has one of the best casting choices made in any movie. With an ensemble star cast, films tend to get lost in the style rather than the story but you’ll see nothing of that sort in Panchathanthiram. Every actor is given a strong role with their character substantially contributing to the plotline. Their arcs are supremely interesting with an added element of humor to each of them. The chemistry between the characters is so good that some scenes will give you goosebumps even now. Quite unusual for a comedy film no?

4. Writing

There is something so magical about Crazy Mohan Sir’s dialogues that it makes even the most absurd situations seem funny and relatable. The mere mention of words like “Bardarji Saadi” and “Munnadi Pinnadi yenna irrunduchu” can get Tamilians across the world giggling instantly. So beautiful is the writing that you could watch the movie twice on the same day and still watch it with the same excitement and fervor as the first time. Thus making it one of the most Timeless Tamil Comedy Films of this era!

5. Songs

Yes the songs are spectacular on their own but it’s the timing, placement, and the direction of these songs that makes it all the more special. Vanden Vandhen is one of my favorite song picturizations in any movie with  Simran ma’am and Ramya Krishnan ma’am absolutely killing it with their performances. Not one song would you feel like skipping while watching the film because of the little nuances and slapstick that’s placed within the song. 

I don’t have any long prose to conclude this with except for that you won’t find a better time than now to rewatch this film. Cheers to Good Cinema for making our lives a little better!

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Praveen Kumar October 21, 2021

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