Wait, let me reveal a life hack. The next time you see someone awfully stable and sophisticated, just grab your phone, open YouTube and show them this scene! I bet they're gonna go crazy after that!

Baasha is a cult classic and is celebrated till date as one of Tamil Cinema's bests. Proof?

Just look at the number of times Sun Tv and K Tv have played the film and the numbers will tell you. (Suryavamsam is first obviously)


From something as simple as "frame within a frame" shots in the first half to the symbolism of power throughout the film, the film is a treat for any movie buff.

The scintillating music by Ilaiyaraja along with the brilliant cinematography by P.C.Sriram, excellent writing from Mani Ratnam and an unparalleled performance by Kamal Haasan makes sure that the movie will always hold a significant place in Tamil cinema's history and the hearts of movie buffs.


To me, there are only a handful of Tamil films that have very well written character arcs which conformed with realism, Thevar Magan is one such film.

When observed keenly, the character of Shakthivel (Kamal Haasan) undergoes a phenomenal psychological transformation, where he becomes a particular sort of man he once despised.

The situations that push him to such a state were so authentically written.


Written by Kamal Haasan and Madan (Dialogues), the movie had great performances and opinions that not only led to widespread acceptance but also made fanatics think!

The movie is a rare variety which enriches the viewer, awakens his mind and elevates him intellectually. It is disheartening to note that the film wasn’t embraced in theaters but it definitely did earn a place it deserved in all our hearts.In a scenario of this sort,it will be priceless to witness this tale unfold in big screens today.


In a time where namesake comedies are churned out rapidly in a formulaic manner, it makes us cherish the true comedies we've had in the past. Panchathanthiram was a comical series of unfortunate events strung together to create the perfect recipe for chaos.


This neo noir was the actual pioneer of the new wave in Tamil Cinema. Besides the remarkable screenplay, another reason to watch the film would be its amazing soundtrack.

With Super Deluxe on its way, it makes me want to revisit Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s initial work and also makes me curious to find out what the uncut version would be like.


Annamalai is an unmatched classic that still lives in the hearts of not only Rajinikanth's fans, but the Indian audience as a whole. It set the benchmark for what a full fledged commercial film should look like (a standard that very few films are able to live up to today).

It had swag, sturdiness, substance and if it were to be re-released today, it would still garner the same celebration it did when it first hit the screens.

The above are the seven of the movies we would like to re-watch on theaters. What are the movies you would like to watch it again on theaters. Comment them in the "Comments" Section below.

Jack March 06, 2019


Alfiya March 07, 2019

Baasha , Annamalai

Saesha March 07, 2019

Amaran (uncensored)

http://www.vkcine.co.in/ October 11, 2019

these movies are my favorite and also wants to watch these beautiful creations in theaters.

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