7 Shows on “Making” Things Better on Netflix

There is an unassuming appeal to watching someone fix something. Or make something better. Maybe it reminds you of how things aren’t always as bad as they seem. Or maybe it’s just some of the best feel-good and binge-able content out there. Either way, perk up your days with a list of the best no-drama Reality TV!

#1 Beauty is Everywhere by Bob Ross

Painting can be one of the most calming activities you can do. And Bob Ross only makes it better. Broken down, the show itself is nothing more than a series of 45-minute-long painting tutorials. But as Bob calmly describes the process, talks about happiness and his outlook on life, you’re gently drawn into the show’s warm energy. In the fast-paced, low-attention span world we live in, it is wonderful to have a show that creates a calm and peaceful bubble to escape into.

#2 Tidying up with Marie Kondo by Marie Kondo

Cleaning is not a task many look forward to, unless you’re Monica from FRIENDS. And cleaning is probably one thing all of us are doing right now stuck at home. Well, if it’s any motivation to you, Marie Kondo shows you the best way to organise with her KonMari method. And you actually know this works because she teaches regular people how to use this technique. And these are people with some of the messiest houses you’ll ever see! (trust me, they’ll put the spare cupboard in your house to shame) But with her cheery, can-do attitude, you really believe that anything is possible.

#3 Nailed It! 

Now, this show is closer to a competition, than a feel-good show.  It’s a baking contest but they manage to keep it light by not having professionals compete. So, it’s usually three people who have very little idea of what they’re doing just trying their best to win the prize. (and let’s be fair this is most of us in real life). And personally, I love how the show never takes itself too seriously. Only in the first episode, you see one of the contestants eating directly from the ingredients, one of the judges in soft parrot slippers and a guy delivering the prize in a Thor costume, all in the span of half an hour!


#4 Queer Eye

Another makeover show but this time with a very personal touch. The Fab Five leads are fixer-uppers but not in the traditional sense. They’re a team of groomers, food and wine experts, and fashion connoisseurs who transform the lives of people by giving them makeovers! And to them, a makeover is not just skin deep. Over the course of an episode, they try to connect to the person, and their community by talking to them and really understanding their lives before moving forward. And it’s really uplifting to see the tears of happiness at the end of almost every episode, the renewed confidence, and happiness in every person featured.

#5 Amazing Interiors

A proper fixer-upper show without professionals. This show features normal people who just want to build better homes for themselves. And you can really see the difference from professional talk to these people. They talk about everything from budget constraints to how much space means to them and one person even went on about naming the fishes in their aquarium! The passion and the love they put into each project is amazing to watch, especially as you see it build over an episode. And each completed project is creative and beautiful in its own way.

#6 Tiny House Nation

Have you ever heard of the quote “Creativity doesn’t just love constraints; it thrives under them”? Well, this show has got to be the best example of that! In the world of shrinking real estate space, two people try to design the best houses they can in the smallest spaces available. And sometimes space is not even their biggest constraint, it’s getting each and every person in the family’s interest in the design. For example, a small piano in a tiny house which at the beginning seemed extremely unreasonable, but they found a way to make it work! And for a time when a design is all about utilizing space, this show does an amazing job at bridging the gap between reality and fantasy of having a beautiful home. And the visuals of the finished home are to die for.

#7 Car Masters: Rust to Riches

The last recommendation is completely unlike the others. A bonus, if you will. For people who like Fast & Furious, Need for Speed and watching History TV shows in general, this one is right up your alley. Car Masters is about the mechanics of Gotham Garage (not in Gotham City) who upgrade and trade cars for a living. And these people are real risk takers and high stakes players. No job they do is plain or just simple. They give every job its maximum and get the right price for it. And watching the finished cars tear up the racetracks is the crowning jewel to each episode. And as a bonus, you end up learning a lot more about cars than you ever thought you would. (I know I did!)


Nithya Muralidharan. 

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