Be it a tranquil, placidly calm night or a belligerent day, her voice transports all our souls to a zone where, for the span of those four to five minutes, our hearts believe  that nothing but bliss exists in this world, similar to the feel we acquire when we coincidentally see our crush somewhere, or the emotion we feel when we play with an infant. Shreya Ghoshal has never failed to cleanse and liven us with her music.

Picking seven songs from her discography is like selecting the sweetest grain of sugar from the sack, but we have tried and made a list to the best of our knowledge.


Each time Shreya Ghoshal joins hands with Yuvan, music gets redefined. Be it the “Panithuli” number from Kanda Naal Mudhal or this one, Yuvan had used the soul of her voice for the best of his tunes.

Even now as you hear her voice crooning, “Ayyanaara paathaale un nenapu thaan da” ,it gives nothing but a fascinating touch of goosebumps.


There are songs that are termed “Love Songs” and then there are songs that literally ooze out love, Munbe Vaa is unflinchingly one such song.

Composed by The Mozart of Madras, A.R.Rahman, the song literally soothes every listener and feels like the soft touch of an infant. You so wish you could fall in love by merely listening to this melody. And if you are already in love, it is an ecstatic elation, adding up to that wondrous amour.


Songs are mere tools in filmmaking to enhance the narrative or musically convey the already existing story! But this song is an exception, it is a story itself and even if you haven’t watched the movie, the song fills you with the same melancholy, the movie gives!


As quoted earlier, each time Yuvan collaborates with Shreya Ghoshal, they redefine music at their best. This song in her voice leaves a void within you. You feel your heart throbbing with pain and there arises a sense of longing for someone who might not exist at all! That’s the power of this plaintive number.


Urugudhe from Veyil is one of those songs with a life that could not be fulfilled by any voice other than hers. Be it the pauses between the lines, or the sweet flow of the notes, she literally breathed life into the song. This melody will always have a special place in all our hearts.


Ilaiyaraja, the maestro can make even a rock sing great numbers, what if he gets a nightingale? Well, you get songs like these! The simplicity of the notes in her voice took the song to a whole new level. This track will never lose its life and its ability to give an eternal, divine experience.


You may be someone so frustrated with your routine or you may be stranded in a critical situation, no matter when you listen to this song, it immediately transcends you to the rooted and riveting world of Virumaandi and Annalakshmi. This song will always remain as one of the greatest ever with a soul of its own.

A saying remarks that the greatest respect an artist can pay to music is to give it life. With her alluring, soulful and uniquely passionate voice, Shreya Ghoshal continues to nourish the enchanting life she had given the world of music.


Aritra Sen May 30, 2020

Ghoshal’s singing started to come into the lime light with one of the most famous of the shows, that is still famous and it is the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa of the Zee network and it is from there that she did become a known face in Indian households. She went on to win the show and thus establishing her superiority in the early stages of the career, showing the chances of being one of the bests that the nation has ever provided with and finally this turned out to fulfil every bit of the expectation.

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being the Shreya Ghosal fan I almost loved all of her songs. the blog you have written is very impressive and I really loved it almost all songs in this are my favorite. The best of the best is mannipaya song. She started her career from many events and also she won sa re ga ma title.
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Neha Deb September 14, 2020

This blog was really good and informative about the best songs by Shreya Ghosal and being her fan it really was an impressive blog.
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Vicky September 14, 2020

Hi! The post was amazing and has great content. You connected things very precisely and honestly.
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