Every time I listen to a Yuvan song, there is this constant emotion that hits me, “What would have happened to me and my life if not for his music?”. Yuvan and his work remain very personal to me and I am sure I am not alone here. Yuvan has been and will always be that composer who holds a significantly special place in the hearts of any music lover. (90s Kids especially).

Right now, as I am writing this, Yuvan’s “Engeyo Paartha Mayakkam” plays in the shuffle and I still get goosebumps when Udit Narayan sings, “Viyandhu Viyandhu, Udaindhu Udaindhu”. Yuvan, you beauty! 

Be it a drive with friends,  a date with a girl, weeping over a betrayal, or seeking a goal, Yuvan has been a  pillar, a permanent shoulder to lean on. In other words, I have never wept alone, ran alone, laughed alone, partied alone, Yuvan is my best companion and he will always stay the same to me. 

It’s not just me, I have a bunch of besties with whom I listen to his songs often, late at nights, and more often than not we end up exceedingly energised and lauding the songs even though the song is most probably the one we have heard, undoubtedly a million times.

So, now to make a list of the eight (just eight?) songs that will stay in my playlists (my playlist just has his songs) forever is almost impossible. But I have tried my level best to filter and arrive at this list.


He had given us music that tutor us on life – take it in “Oru Naalil” from Pudhupettai that builds optimism and reassurance through the bruises of a broken soul. To be brutally honest, I would have been a totally different, stupider, immature person if not for this song . To hear all those words of wisdom in Yuvan’s soulful voice was movingly divine.

The song fills your veins with nothing but clarity and you feel better after each time you listen to the song, thanks to the great, masterly lyrics by the evergreen Na. Muthukumar!


Shankar Mahadevan is one of the most talented singers in the country and each time Yuvan and he came together for a song, irrespective of its genre, the song had stood the test of time (Vaanamunna from Manmadhan if it's folk and the gem “Merke Merke” if its melody.

The song radiates so much love, that any music lover would feel the hairs in his hands stand up each time Shankar Mahadevan sings “Merke Merke” in a higher pitch.


Regardless of the mood, or the geography around you, listening to this song transports you to a different world where alike Prabhakar (Jeeva in Kattradhu Thamizh) you are travelling in a train, alone, thinking of something enhancing but inexplicable, lost in the quest for love and lost treasures. Such is the aura of this song. And who better than the legend Ilayaraja could croon this awesome number which is both heartbreaking and haunting.



Next time you scream at your mom for no reason, take a few minutes  to listen to this because this song has never failed to multiply the love I have for my mom . Vijay Yesudas’ voice just seeps in you and all Yuvan does in the song is just hum and the magic it does is unmatchable.


The song seems so simple and easy to hear and that’s what makes it so special. The way Yuvan sings seems so effortless, and that showcases the soul he has invested in it. 

This song has always been the top of my favourite’s list for years. No drug or no meth could match the high this song gives, especially when Yuvan starts to sing, “Endha oru inimaiyum”.


It doesn’t matter if you are in your 20s or 30s this song will always take you back to the teens and will make one feel the butterflies that fill and fascinate us when our eyes meet our crush. Yuvan is undoubtedly a master when it comes to taking us to a different world- surreal, soulful and soothing.


Another soul-stirring composition, that flows with the effortless but soulful voice of Yuvan! The song makes you feel warm, makes you experience eternal intimacy with your loved one’s soul. I must admit, it’s so hard to find words to describe this man’s songs and the magic they create, mesmerizing our hearts. Someone remarkable so rightly said that if at all God had a voice, it would sound like that of Yuvan's!


The songs Yuvan has composed for Selvaraghavan take us to a deep emotional zone which is such a rarity. Kan Pesum Varthaigal is still a favourite number for many and as far as I have noticed, everybody has a memory attached to this song.

It is quite interesting to learn that he initially wanted to become a pilot. Well, he is one! A pilot who takes us on a flight of emotions; a flight of sensitivities and sensibilities.

Yuvan- born with a legacy to live up to, leaving a legacy to linger on.

PS: The above list isn’t the end and the eight I have filtered is purely my perspective. Even now, the one thing that runs in my mind is, “Shit, I forgot Neethane from Sarvam, God I forgot Pani Thuli from Kanda Naal Mudhal, Jeez how could you not include Nenjodu Kalandhidu from Kadhal Kondein”. I wish I could write on all the above and I will definitely in the future, in some other article. 

Comment your favourite Yuvan songs, that you think will always stay in your playlists.

Written By,

Gautam Narayanan


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