If these 10 Indian directors had alternative careers, what would they be?

While they might want to diversify once in a while, our Indian filmmakers are known for their individual trademarks. Some are known for their opulence, some for their grittiness and some for their one-track ideologies.

If some of our most iconic directors never got into films and had alternative careers, what would they be?


1. Mani Ratnam - Relationship Counselor

Right from Mouna Ragam through Alaipayuthey to OK Kanmani, we know one thing for sure: no one portrays love and relationships the way Mani Ratnam does. The emotions are real, the conflicts are real, and so is the resolution. With such a deep understanding of human relationships, Mr.Ratnam would have been the relationship counselor every couple would love to have in their lives.


2. Imtiaz Ali - Travel Guide

Take a closer look at every single movie Imtiaz has ever made, and you'll notice that the element of 'rediscovery through journeys' and 'wanderlust' is an inevitable constituent. Even in many of his own interviews, Imtiaz has revealed that nothing inspires him more than traveling, and that's evident in the way he captures journeys on celluloid. Knowing his way in and out of every little street of every city along with a million stories he has to tell, Imtiaz Ali would make an absolutely brilliant travel guide!


3. Rohit Shetty - Car Insurance Salesman

 Blowing up at least 10 cars every 5 minutes and giving even Michael Bay a complex, there could be no one better than Rohit Shetty to be the posterboy of Car Insurance schemes in our country!  


4. Karan Johar - Marketing Head

Whether you love him or hate him, you just ignore Karan's knack of turn something absolutely mediocre into a larger than life output, whether it's a song sequence or an entire movie starring rank newcomers. There are very few people who can sell something like Karan Johar does, and he'd make a Marketing Head every brand would die to hire!


5. Bala - Human Rights Activist

If you want to see human suffering in its most raw form, you don't have to look beyond a Bala film. With a shoestring budget a crew that worships him, Bala's films evoke sympathy and compassion even in the most stone-hearted ones among us. If Sethu had never happened, we would probably be watching Bala on NDTV, fighting for some Human Rights issue or the other!


6. Gautham Menon - Professor

Gautham Menon has always maintained that almost all of his movies are a tad autobiographical, with the protagonist being a reflection of himself, and a cumulative embodiment of every beautiful trait that he's learnt from his parents; respecting women, for example. In a patriarchal country like ours, there are very few men who have genuine respect for women and fight for their rights. More than just laws, it is imperative for us to have important role models for our children and our youth in schools and colleges to steer them in the right direction. And if every school and college classroom had a Gautham Menon as their teacher, how amazing would that be?


7. Ram Gopal Varma - Criminal Lawyer

RGV's fascination with gangsters and criminals has been evident in his filmography. Indeed, criminals are on the wrong side of the law and are a menace to the society, but has anyone else bothered to show their side of the story and what causes them to become who they are?

So in the event that RGV ever stops making movies(like some naysayers wish he does), he's going to be on every thug's speed dial!


8. Rajkumar Hirani - Social Activist

On the surface, Hirani's films are money-spinning entertainers. But dig a little deeper, and you'll find them serving as brilliant case studies on influencing change. Telling someone not to litter or advise them against taking a bribe is never going to work unless you put it in a way they'd understand. Through comedy and melodrama, Hirani's films have managed to not only rule the box office, but make a deep impact within each of us to question the evils of society and become better citizens ourselves.  


9. Shankar - Wedding Planner

Everything he touches, it HAS to turn into gold. Even in the early 90's, Shankar took Tamil CInema to new heights of grandeur, pushing the envelope(the one with cash in it, so to speak) further and further beyond with every successive film. Exotic locations, shimmeringly magnificent sets and world-class technology...these are a few things without which a Shankar film never hits the floors. Now imagine him as an orchestrator in the second biggest Indian market after movies - weddings!  


10. Anurag Kashyap - Censor Board Chief

Anurag Kashyap is probably the Censor Board's biggest enemy. His first film was banned, his second film wasn't allowed to be released until a few years later, and every film since then has been subject to the Board's wrath. Though we can't imagine Kashyap as anything other than a filmmaker, it definitely does give us a sense of guilty pleasure to place him as the Chief of the Censor Board. 

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