Even before its release, this guy covers the year's first Rahman song

Normally, when we speak of a cover song, the original is probably one that release quite a while ago. And when the song in question is one composed by the legendary A.R.Rahman, it is a gargantuan task to cover it even years after it's released.

Now here's where Sudharshan Ashok and his fellow musicians have broken new ground...they've covered a Rahman song even before its official release(which is supposed to release on Jan 8, 2015), based on just a teaser of a film!

The track we're talking about is the insanely catchy, instantaneously addictive 'Thalli Pogadhe' that plays through the teaser of the next Gautham Menon film, 'Achcham Enbadhu Madamaiyada' starring Silambarasan aka STR.

If you ask us, this is as good as the original and gave multiple rounds of goosebumps throughout its short runtime.

Watch, enjoy and share!



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