Check out this adorable tribute to Bollywood's strongest female roles

It isn't very often that you get to rave about a strong female character in a Bollywood movie, which are so few and far in between. No matter how hard we try to push this fact back under the carpet, the film industry is an undeniably patriarchial, chauvinist fraternity much like most other fields in this world. However, even in the grimiest badlands, we do stumble upon a shining diamond once in a while. And that's exactly what Swetha Kanithi's latest design project is about.

Swetha(23), a Graphic Designer based in Chennai has always had a strong affinity towards feminist campaigns. In her latest project, she pays tribute to Bollywood's strongest female characters in the recent past, using minimalist icons. From Bidya from Kahaani to Rani from Queen, Swetha's done it all!

Check out Swetha's 'Queens of Tinseltown' and let us know what you think in the comments!



To view more of Swetha's work, click here.

Debolina Chaudhuri January 19, 2016

Love the illustrations! Amazing work. Rani and Jhilmil are my favourites from this list! :)

Amit Jadhav May 16, 2018

“Writer beautifully captures the agendas of female empowerment and the role of society depicted from the two movies. “Anarkali Of Arrah” and “Naam Shabana” though they are miles apart still they hit a common chord". Read more here.

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