22 Insane Film Posters created using nothing but strokes and colors

Take any popular Bollywood film poster, and it's likely that it's been designed by this creative genius called Raj Khatri.

Over the past few years as the Creative Head of one of India's leading film publicity design firms, Marching Ants, Raj has churned out some of the most beautiful works of celluloid art. And while his day job requires him to produce detailed, elaborately intricate, over-the-top work, his personal projects have taken a rather minimal route, yet with a difference.

In this series, Raj has taken some of his most popular films and turned them into abstract, painting-like posters using nothing but bold brushstrokes and colors. From The Matrix to Mad Max and The Italian Job to Interstellar, Mr.Khatri here has pulled off something we don't get to see very often in this day and age. And the result is truly insane!

Check 'em out, and have your mind blown to a new realm.



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