10 Villains who can beat Donald Trump in winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Trump's nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is nothing short of pure genius. A majority of our planet's population is fiercely opposed to him and his views and therein lies the brilliance of his selection. We stand united as one against his ghastly views. Crossing race, language, religion, food preference and what not, his is a force that's brought us together like no other.


As a tribute to this well thought out nomination, we at Fully Filmy have made a randomly sampled list of villains from Hollywood and Kollywood who could give Trump a run for his money.. er Nobel Prize.


And the nominees are:


1. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix)



She was the picture of everything one hates of a person in authority. The butt pimple of pain who'd bully people into having her views, or else! Her priggish sensibilities combined with the habit of bringing up ridiculous rules and enforcing them with nothing short of torture dripped of such concentrated evil intent. Not even Trump with his crass immigration rules can well, trump this!


Peace Prize Power: Umbridge's generous support for the welfare of cats of all shapes and sizes irrespective of their pedigree would have made her one of the biggest sponsors of animal rights activists, driving a positive change in an otherwise bleak outlook for felines. Whereas Trump has never even tickled a kitten's ears.



2. Assault Sethu (Jigarthanda)



This guy not only deserves to win a Nobel Prize but an Oscar as well. His thug life exploits ranging from hilarious to downright fear reaching took us on the kind of roller coaster ride no other villain in recent history has even remotely matched. Trump would look like a lump of grit next to this walking piece of Madurai madness.


Peace Prize Power: His boost to the field of performing arts in inspiring the youth of today to take up such streams and follow their dreams would have seen many a child off the streets and inside the classroom. Trump's foray into celluloid has been one of poorly made reality shows instead where he did the very opposite of promoting people.



3. Sauron otherwise known as The Eye (Lord of The Rings Trilogy)



The Eye combined with the likes of the Nazgul saw audiences rooting with all their heart for Frodo and Sam to get through to Mordor alive. Sauron wasn't just a villain but a sinister Orvillian like presence. The kind that'd make you look over your shoulder if you found yourself raiding the fridge at night while binge watching the trilogy.

Speaking of which, Trump's poor comparison to keep 'an eye' on things can be perceived as tepid as a sewage stream.


Peace Prize Power: Sauron's open heartedness in giving employment to those who can't afford to go to fancy tutors or didn't have the privilege of a royal birth would have increased the quality of life for thousands in Middle Earth. Trump has never looked beyond his bevy of yes men, leave alone the masses.



4. Siddharth Abhimanyu (Thani Oruvan)



The suave villain in Thani Oruvan showed us just how many pies pure power can have its finger in. Abhimanyu played the puppet master to perfection with crimes intricately executed on so many levels, he’s definitely what you’d call a mastermind. Evil genius incarnate fitted with awards, degrees, an almost Wayne like billionaire status and a lazy expression to match. One can’t even begin to imagine Trump being featured on a scale such as this


Peace Prize Power: His massive philanthropic activities in the fields of natural resources, medical sciences and building shelters for the homeless would have definitely deserved to be awarded. Trump's title as the least philanthropic billionaire of the world speaks volumes.



5. The Joker (The Dark Knight)



Think Batman and you immediately picture The Joker. That’s how powerful and brilliant Heath Ledger played one of the many villains in the world of Gotham. This was a person who didn’t care for the riches or even himself. Albert perfectly describes the spine chilling nature of evil such as the Joker when he said,

...some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Peace Prize Power: The most overlooked people for prestigious awards are the ones who make us laugh. Joker's efforts in shining a light on those hardworking few who strive to a put a smile on our faces, every single day, would have made him a very worthy prize winner. Trump's jokes are the kind that'd want to make you bang your head on the wall.


6. President Snow (The Hunger Games)



From even thinking of something as repulsive as a 'game' where children and young adults from different districts hunt each other down to being the quintessential elitist from the Capitol who crushes those below him, President Snow definitely ranks high on the list of evil. His is the perfect example of what happens when leaders use their undeserved power to wantonly keep their subjects in chains of fear and punishment if their word isn't followed. Unlike Snow though, Trump doesn't have the class or the chance to push people into a revolution.


Peace Prize Power: His contribution to the field of sports would have surpassed even the Olympics in terms of fair and equal participation. From grand arenas to the best parties in honour of the tributes, Captain Snow no holds barred approach in encouraging the young to get active and out there year after year would have definitely been noticed. Trumps contribution to sports has been mediocre money counting games.



7. The Sith (Star Wars series)



The Sith gave one the creeps as a child when watching their pale terrible faces smiling with evil in their eyes, shrouded in those ominous black robes. Their resemblance of those in power wielding the influence to corrupt any mind they pleased, converting even the good to the ugly, is something everyone could relate to and shuddered at the resemblances to real life. Trump can only wish upon a falling star to be a part of something as powerful as the Sith


Peace Prize Power: This group of people have strived for the education of gifted children and have provided years of careful mentorship which no other educational system till date could have even begun to match. Their placement offers at the end of their tutorship, leading trained Jedi warriors into positions of leadership driving political change, would have made The Seth, a force to be acknowledged.

Trump's contribution to education is saying,


It's the only thing the government makes money on -- college students,”



8. Muthupandy (Gilli)



Another Madurai villain on the list is Muthupandy. With a personality that tries to charm but ends up being bloody as hell with no dearth of aruvaal holding cronies to back him up, he is one villain you wouldn’t want to cross swords with. His obsessive need to own and control another life in the name of being in love with no end to the chase, left us feeling for the cornered Dhanalakshmi. The kind of ruthless violence fitted with an evilly twisted mind who thinks its the norm to get you want, will put even a tantrum filled Trump to shame.


Peace Prize Power: His support to self-help groups who make handmade weapons of cultural value would have made him one of the largest benefactors of locally supported industries in the South. His keen sense of linking businesses by using the aruvaal in keeping the peace in turbulent regions is something Trump can never imagine doing with his love for machine-made guns instead.



9. Joffrey Barathion (Game of Thrones)




This was a character almost all Game of Thrones fans absolutely hated. The Thrown Turd's behaviour towards Sansa Sark and Tyrion Lannister with that stupid little smirk on his face got fans as worked up as never before for a tv villain. The unforgivable moment Eddard Stark was beheaded will forever unite fans to loath him with all their heart and cheer in unison everytime his death is showcast.


Peace Prize Winning Power: Joffrey is like the Rahul Gandhi of our generation. As the youth icon of Westeros who carried his family's message of peace to unite all kingdoms, the Nobel committee would have done well to include him on the list of peace prize nominees. Trump's campaign to segregate and split people is just another on the list of reasons why he's ill suited to win.



 10. Neelambari (Padayappa)



It takes a lot more than silly fights and goons to oppose a Thalaivar character as phenomenal as Padayappa. Neelambari was a worthy adversary with as much style and panache as the Super Star himself. The classic scene where she has furniture removed in her house so that Padayappa is forced to face her standing like a lackey showed the razor sharp edges of a brain which could slap you across the face without lifting a finger.


Peace Prize Power: She united us as one in our resounding cheers for Rajini and in doing so helped him achieve another super hit. Trump is as far removed a class act as Neelambari and the likeliness of him being starred in a Thalaivar movie is a laughable “Hell, no!”



Written by Pritika M


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