If the plot of Premam were reimagined in the Programming world



All the work done by XKCD comics is  super awesome. Sometime ago, I happened to stumble upon their movie narrative charts for some of the Hollywood classics which were terrific. In the narrative chart, the movie characters are plotted in a chart where the x-axis refers to the time and the grouping in y axis indicates the characters that are together at a given time.  You can find them here .

As soon as I saw them I had an urge to try them for some Indian movie, I learnt that 90% of it were hand drawn. I completely suck at drawing and a little less at programming, so the obvious choice of recreating it for me was programming rather than pen and paper. I found out that this is possible using matplotlib library of Python. 

Next was the decision about the genre of the film. In this saccharine sweet season of romance(February), nothing sells as good as love. So I decided to pay a data-centric tribute to the mother of all Indian romances: Premam. When a movie from neighboring state runs over 250 days, there couldn't  be a second choice. It also gives me a flexibility that if something goes wrong I can always come back with the Quote  "All is fair in love and war."



George, the protagonist is the green line, Red lines are his love  and blue ones are his friends. I want you to read the plot and interpret the story yourself. I Just want to point out that red lines are varying in presence and closeness but the blue lines remain constant with the green line thought the plot.

If this little experiment made any difference in your lives or made you relive the love for this movie, give it a Share! 


Created by Raghunandh G.Sa programmer-cum-film buff who is now open to converting your favourite film's plot into data. All he hopes for is for your favourite film to not be a Nolan one.

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Suranjith henry karunakran February 16, 2016

Nice data, but i think celine part data shuld be break between first and last.. Hehe :P

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