Analysing Kollywood songs and their repetitive lyrics

How many times have you listened to a Kollywood song which has the same word being repeated several times in through out the song? Especially when you have maestros like DSP as one of our prolific composers, whose songs have the name of the movie being repeated several times, giving you a feeling of having watched that movie umpteen number of times, making you start to hate that movie before even watching it. 

Visually representing lyrics is one way to depict the number of word repetitions in the song. So I took a few well known songs with repetitive lyrics in it and programmatically computed the frequency of occurrence of the one word. The words in the lyrics were plotted with a spike whenever there is repetition of that one particular word. It's just like 1s and 0s of a digital system where 1 represents that one word and 0 represents other words.


The length of the line represents the total number of words in the song. Number next to the name of the song is the percentage of occurrence of that one particular word in the entirety of the song . Number at the end of song is the running time of the song in minutes, seconds .  

VIP(Velaiyilla Pattadhaari) is relatively uniform song items of lyrics where the word appears 8 in the end of first half and 8 times in the end of second half.

'Singam, Singam' is relative pleasant song in terms of lyrics (only in terms of lyrics) with the word appearing in near the start, middle and near the end of the song.

In the song 'Endi Ippadi' from Enakkul Oruvan, there are many peaks which aren't sharp because of the  one word, 'Endi' repeated twice or more simultaneously, which results in having a flat peak. 

Next, the song 'Magudi' from Kadal, composed by the Maestro ARR himself is the craziest song of the lot. The word 'Magudi' alone accounts for 51% of the lyrics! The song is 3.31s long with 168 occurrences of  the one word, 'Magudi', as if the word itself is being uttered almost every second! The visual itself is a representation of the craziness of the song. Listen to it here.

As for myself, I was probably bitten by the DSP bug while writing this article, which made me use the title of the article several times through out the article.


Written by Raghunandh

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