A Dream for a Frame

Cinema is an inevitable emotion of people's lives. We live through movies don’t we?

From showing us what dreams are to building dreams for us, we evolved with it! It is undeniable. It gives us awareness, inspiration, understanding, perception and what not! We relate to everything that is shown to us.

We have lived a million lives in dreams, just through cinema!

Childhood dreams are the purest form of trueness. From Periya and Chinna Kaakka Muttai's dream to taste the pizza for at least once in a lifetime in Kaakka Muttai, Raasukutti's metaphor-ed dream of having a non-judgmental world in Super Deluxe, to Ishaan's difficulties to find someone who can see life through his eyes in Taare Zameen Par, we have lived little infinities.

We learn through movies, don’t we?

Thala in M.S Dhoni shows us what dreams are like. Suriya's leap to go and meet Meghna makes us wanna pursue our dreams. Panjavan Parivendhan's passion and ethics towards his dream makes us aware on how to have a dream!

Cinema is relatable because, it doesn't shows that success is a cakewalk.

Shashi's giving up moment where she puts her family before passion in English Vinglish! She even thought that her life is to just make laddus. How many times have we been Shashi in our own lives?

When there is a fall, there must be a rise!

When Chris Gardner from Pursuit of Happyness kept going behind his dream of having a better life with the 'no matter what' attitude which makes us go through the lines of uncertainty. When he hears that he is appointed as a permanent employee, didn’t we shed a tear believing that hard work does pays off?!

When we were children, we had dreams. Good ones. Great ones! We concentrated on the dreams. When we are adults, we have dreams based on the resources. We limit our dreams to be the best with what we have.

Then, we dreamt the impossibilites. Now, we doubt the possibilities.

I wonder where we lost our freedom to dream! Maybe the difference between the freedom of dream in childhood and adulthood is same as the difference between living and surviving! But, when Nirupama in How old are you and Viji in Kaatrin Mozhi made us believe that dreams are not just for children, we smiled.

When Suriya's dream changed from living with Meghna to accepting the life with Priya and Tara's decision to not lose Adi just because she wants to go to Paris, it showed us that it is okay to have dreams that changes time to time and a little changes on the way doesn't necessarily have to alter our ultimate goals!

How easy it is to dream! 
How easy it is to live infinite lives in a dream!
We lived a dream, for a frame, indeed!
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Nivedha Jegan
Swapnil March 20, 2021

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Rajendra Kumar May 11, 2021

This is very informative post and very helpful.
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