A Heart-Break that made me Smile

Being born in this internet generation, all of us would have faced some kind of heart-break at some point of time. And the most irritating question that we would have come across either from our parents or someone belonging to the previous generation is “At this young age, what is that painful or stressful to you??”. I think it’s a very unfair question! 

Maybe we are all in our teens or early twenties, but that doesn’t mean life hasn’t been hard on us. A girl at her 21, definitely would have faced a heartbreak in some form, be it  embarrassment, loneliness, break up or unfulfilled dreams(due to family and societal restrictions). What if a girl has faced all these things in addition to a congenital disease ? How will she behave in her life after death? And that’ s Jenny, a cheerful ghost from Koode(2018). 

‘Koode’ is a warm film that stirred up a lot of emotions in me. I couldn’t resist myself from letting the tears flow down my cheeks. The intensified movie experience along with a strong personal connect made this a very special one for me. And thus, to me ‘Koode’ is Anjali Menon’s best work. I never looked at it as a “remake” (despite the fact that I have not seen ’Happy Journey’) because of the impeccable emotions that she infused into the script. 

On discussing the journey of Jenny, I fell in love with her from the very first moment where she says, “death has given me relief”. Jenny had a very personal connection with me. I felt like she was a replication of me,my dreams, my nature and my seeking. Since my childhood, I always wanted a ‘big brother’ by my side to be a good companion for me. To embrace my sufferings, to give me comfort and strength. Like Jenny, I also felt that I would have suffered less, if my brother would have been by my side. And that’s where Jenny’s relationship with her brother made me a bit envious too. To other’s Jenny is a cheerful ghost, but for me she is a ‘Ray of Hope’. A hope that made me smile amidst her heart breaks.

Like all others, Jenny’s life was not a bed of roses. Infact her life had a thorn of breathlessness. A life filled with regular hospital visits (while on the contrary she wanted to travel the world). Even her loved one left her on knowing her sickness, which broke her heart completely. After all this, in the life after death, she was full of optimism. She molded her brother Josh, giving him strength and courage to live his life. Jenny’s life was not an easy one. It was filled with misery, loneliness, hospitals, restricted enjoyments and sometimes when she laughed too much she’d collapse. There were plenty of heart breaks that Jenny had to go through in her life despite which she had the courage to walk with a smile on her face.

Her ideologies were splendid and thought provoking. Her theory on the difference between doing something out of love or as a duty, gave me a lot of clarity. And I absolutely loved her definition on living life,

“What has gone has gone,
What has to come will come,
What lies in between these things… isn’t that what matters?!”

In her life after death, Jenny was not just about the good thoughts. She had some second thoughts like the moment she felt that her parents had forgotten her. But the most miserable was the moment she came to know about the genuine love that Krish had for her! It was the worst heartbreak  that any person could ever face and I couldn’t resist myself from crying. I was so broken at that time that I felt sorry for Jenny. But the way she seeks redemption over that moment by wanting to be reincarnated as her brother’s child was a psychological solace to me. Jenny being a young girl filled with plenty of dreams, not just had the courage to restructure her brother’s life after death but also taught him what life is. Her story of heartbreak and redemption ultimately put on a smile on my face despite all the tears. 

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