Aaha Kalyanam!

“Yaaro yaaro di unnoda purushan”, is the only question I would ask to myself, whenever I see a boy. Uff!! But who knows when “athan varuvaaga”?! I can hear my heart consoling me,”Vaan varuvaan varuvaan”. 

It is the stage where multiple families are waiting to bless the new family to be created. The Festival of our very own families is marriage.The great banana tree itself welcomes us with its aroma and lets everyone know about the wedding. The sound of hustle all over, with the epic nadaswaram music and small babies running around shouting and playing never failed to please our eyes. There comes our bride singing ”nenjinile nenjinile”, exposing the love for her partner as a few other eyes yearn in anticipation to find their own Karthik Varadarajan! 

Every romantic movie usually ends with a “kalyanam”. But Mani sir alone has managed to show a wedding as the beginning of another love story. Amidst the declaration of marriage, two souls acquainting with and conversing about the flaws in marriage is a beautiful scene from “O Kadal Kanmani” which makes us search for the same thing in our lives too!

The spontaneous gesture when men ask women out in his films, often evokes the feeling of romance amongst the audience. Take for instance a Michael from Ayutha Ezhuthu asking to tolerate him and live with him by accepting him with his own flaws. Why would anyone ever say NO to a spontaneous heart - warming proposal like that?

‘Intha ponnu pakrathu laam santhaila matta paakra maari irukku’, is the lashing reply to the futile ceremony which failed to respect women’s opinion in early days. Rolling into today’s cinema, I can certainly see how Tara is staunch in her opinion which also distinctly reflects contemporary society. However, the great tinder is doing the same job of the matchmakers by swipe at first sight. It’s a never-ending cycle!

Maniratnam’s men have never failed to respect the women’s opinion. They don’t usually follow the stereotypical stalking as a way to get to the woman’s heart. Surya in Thalapathi with a roaring voice asks ”Pidikkalaiyaa?” with great wrath and love. Correspondingly Naiker from Nayagan asks the lady ”Enna pidiklana sollu.. na poiduren”. The mutual respect and understanding was one reason why these men always stole our hearts.


My only aim after watching Alaipayuthey was to search for a man and elope with him and marry him. In a world full of couples planning their own weddings in a grandeur, cinematic manner, Karthik and Shakthi amazed me with their simple but fulfilling wedding in a temple kidnapping the registrar for their convenience.Their wedding stood true to its purpose,  to celebrate their love for each other and just that.

The (Pen Paarkum Padalam) meeting ceremony was shown in “Pirivom Santhippom”, in a meaningful manner where the girl meets the whole family of the boy before meeting him. Because tying knots, chanting the mantras or any other undergoing ritual doesn’t mean that you are married. It’s something between two families with lots of aspects and emotions to be dealt with as sensibly as ” Meera and Arjun” from” Kalyana Samayal Saadham”. 

Garlands and flings decorating the whole place gives us the excitement and strength to fight for our side (bride or groom) which reminds me of the song,”Thirumangalya Tharanum”, from Nala Damayanthi. We all have that one uncle whose only job is all set to say Getti Melam or Adi Da Melam! 

Always planning for a wedding which is going to happen once as ”Oru Naal Koothu”, never leaves our mind and heart and is worth making memories.The colours of happiness, love and celebration spreading all through our hearts with crazy steps on the floor which had picturised intensely in the song “Sarattu Vandiyila”. 

One of my favorite picturisation of every ritual performed and the members of family romancing with their own other halves by enjoying the wedding is beautifully done in the song ”idicha pacha arisi”.To survive the whole day we need food in the bada meetha paan obvio ,but I always wondered how gadothgajan galloped several food items into that small stomach and I also tried that kind of eating and ended up with ache. Entering into some random wedding and eating there deceptively will be a venture as in Nanban. It's a little silly and even more risky but that’s a  “Free Advice. Ketta Kelunga, kekaati ponga.”

However, marriage is just a “Mayabazaar”. You never know who you are going to join hands with but the adventure is not one to be missed out on. Not all marriages are made in heaven. Some might not go as per expected like Ram and Jaanu’s. However Ram never failed to give respect to the sanctity of her thaali and the wedding.

Life after marriage is more like a teacher. Something to mould us and teach us about the importance of life. So remember our house owner Chetta’s advice from Alaipayuthey and live your whole life happily and with some little adjustments. If it fails or proceeds then that's how it ought to be But never hand over the Cupid's responsibility to the matrimonial sites and sima aunties. Live the life to the fullest with Endrendrum Punnagai on your faces and never fail to reflect that in your partner's faces too!

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