Aanalum En Muththam Sollamal Pogadhe

When we say romance, we subconsciously think of a Maniratnam film because the scenarios that he creates on-screen to show the love between his two main characters are often scenarios that can happen in our real life. We relate to them, we learn from them, we’re awestruck by them. When we talk about scenarios, in particular, this man also knows how to use one of the strongest tools at his disposal. Kiss.  It’s like he was give a challenge to use kiss as a prop in some of his movie scenes and he did nothing but make the best out of it. I would particularly like to walk y’all through some of my favourite “muththam” moments from the Maniratnam classics.

Thiruttu Muththam

Put yourself in the position of a newly married guy who is excited to start a new life with his beautiful wife. You have never even spoken to his girl once and you can’t wait to have your first ice breaking conversation with your wife (of course, you’re at the 90’s when all this is happening). What would be the first thing you would tell her? How about starting it with a peck on her cheek? She’s at the kitchen cooking and you slowly walk towards her, hug her from the behind and give a kiss on her cheek. There you go, the ice is broken. Your mom enters into the kitchen and you casually walk past her lighting a cigarette like nothing really happened. And your wife is standing there like, “What just happened?”

Curfew Muththam

You’ve been waiting for her at the beach and two hours later she comes and sits in front of you, panting heavily from all the running. She tells you that she can stay only for 2 minutes and you don’t start a fight with her for making you wait or for saying that she can’t stay for more than two minutes even when she asks if you’ve been waiting for a long time. Instead, you say, “Indha rendu nimishathukaga naa rendu mani neram kathutruka thayaar“. And she wants reply back with an, “I love you”. Instead, she comes closer and gives a kiss on your left cheek.

“Vaaya Moodu” Muththam

He’s coming back from work and you’re at home having coffee with your friend. You’re telling her that some way or the other a fight is going to happen between you and him anytime soon but she’s disagreeing. You want to prove her wrong and you start looking at the watch eagerly to note the time and in exactly 30 seconds he yells your name from inside his room asking where have you misplaced his files. You and your friend start laughing and you get up and go to him and he’s yelling at you. You don’t want to have a fight over this silly thing so you just close his mouth and give him a kiss to shut him up.

Avasara Muththam

You’re a lower middle class couple living in a very normal house where both of you don’t have separate rooms to get ready. It’s a busy Monday morning and you both are in a hurry to get ready and go for work. In the room where you both are getting ready, there’s only one tiny mirror that you both need to use. Both of you are fighting for your chances to look at the mirror and comb your hair and accidentally you both look at each other once. For a minute you both have forgotten that you’re running out of time. Because you know that this moment amidst all the chaos is important to seize. He slowly comes forward and gives you a quick peck and you close your eyes.

In other words, a hug is worth a thousand words. And a kiss is worthier than that. It can break the ice, it can make you forget your anger, it can postpone fights, it can make use of every single opportunity and turn them into magical moments. So if you love someone and you know that they love you too, then just go and give them a kiss already.


Written by

- Sai Swasthika

Gokul September 15, 2020

Wow, the next time I see those scenes I guess I will feel those kisses more.

Arun.j.r September 15, 2020

Your style of portraying..those relations between kiss and Mani sir’s signature part of connection is extremely awesome..! Great job sai swasthika.!

Priyanga Ananthi September 15, 2020

Machaa❤…Splendid Dee…Ur writing makes goosebumps of these scenes…Wowee😍

Alan Giftson September 15, 2020

A great collage of kisses stolen from the moments by Maniratnam. Missing the last kiss from Kannathil Muthamittal, other than that a great experience.

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