In a diverse country like ours where the cultural landscape changes every few kilometres, there’s one particular Indian state that outdoes every other with its uniqueness: Kerala.

But beyond the fresh air, the rich green landscape of coconut trees, serene beaches, intoxicating toddy, the even more intoxicating cuisine and its path-breaking cinema, Kerala is a rapidly developing, progressive state that also stays close to its roots.

Especially in terms of fashion, Kerala’s urban youth are known for being fashion-forward, owing to their exposure to worldwide trends. Therefore, over the past few months, Fully Filmy has been working towards creating a unique line of merchandise inspired by God’s Own Country.

Launched on 18th February and instantly loved and approved by its intended target audience, Fully Filmy’s Kerala Collection now has a youthful, talented and charming homegrown personality as one of its patrons: Ahaana Krishna.

Debuting with Rajeev Ravi’s Njan Steve Lopez, Ahaana went on to do the extremely successful Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela and in a very short span of time, Ahaana has managed to win hearts all over Kerala and beyond.

With a role model like Ahaana donning Fully Filmy products, fans can expect many more rooted, diverse, unique products from the collection!

If you’re “Straight Outta Kerala” or have a friend/bae who is, check out our brand new Kerala collection and grab your own!

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