Avengers in Indian Politics


“There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if we could become something more. So when they needed us, we could fight the battles that they never could.
- Avengers: Infinity War



There are a chosen few in this world who are assigned the great responsibility of protecting the interest of their people. Much like the Avengers, they are of the people, for the people and by the people. For a country which won her mighty independence thru the sacrifices of her selfless superheroes who fought the villains for redeeming the rights of their people, today's India stands a shame. Today's cabinet is outnumbered by villains rather than heroes. 


Ironically our country is lead by people like Thanos who deem themselves superior and abide by principles which to them seems to be of best interest. They think they're creating balance by abolishing corruption or singularizing language or methodizing the bureaucracy but in reality, are just spoiling the broth of their citizens. They don’t require infinity stones to vanquish people; only such obsolete stupidity in the name of digitalizing India.



And then there is this showcase of modern puppetry in the name of faithful followers who propagate every useless idea of their father, Thanos. They’re Thanos’ children of Indian politics; comprising designated dimwits of the parliament. 


Coming to Tamil Nadu politics; it is diseased by the opportunistic pathogenicity of many Lokis; necrosed by disloyal leaders who betray their kin and backstab (even literally) just for fiscal benefits. These are the more dangerous kind. They have no principles. They're like the chameleons that change depending on what it's sitting( or in our case, depending on who is sitting). They seem angelic during election campaigns and become possessed with power later. Even the cult has evolved; it's not the citizens who bribe the government anymore, rather, vice versa.  



The saddest part is, not even the few good bureaucrats, who genuinely work towards people’s welfare, can be compared to the Avengers because a preacher without action is not a superhero. They’re the Nick Furrys who wish for the best but can't provide it themselves. They require the force of the superheroes- the Avengers.


So who are the Avengers? In a sense, the only ones who can change the destiny of this country are us. So aren't we the Avengers? Don't we hold superpowers? 



There are so many Tony Starks among us who’s intellect when channeled in the right way could make them the Iron Men. But who's making use of our Tony Starks? Definitely not India. Especially not in the cabinet. Our Ministers are still stuck in 3rd-grade evaporation prevention techniques while all the Tony Starks are escaping to the far far west. 



Captain America stood by his dear friend Winter Soldier opposing his own teammates. We need leaders like him who fight for what they believe is righteous even if the whole world says otherwise. Experience must be used to benefit the society rather than their pockets. 



We need a Thor who even after losing his family, his people and betrayed by his own brother; always holds a smile and is up to save the world yet again. A man of physical and mental strength, he’s traveled worlds to save people, even those of other nationality. But our government stands oblivious to the sufferings of our own farmers and fishermen and has nurtured nothing except cold wars between States as part of their political inadequacies.  



Most of us are like Hulk, more angry but less incredible. At times we take the wrong route to liberation! (A competitive exam is not worth sacrificing your life for.) Their force should be more refined to act without harm. It's unwise to be uncontrollably carried by our emotions, rather we must rationally find solutions to societal problems. As Hulk needs his Avengers to tune his energy, we too at times need each other’s support and guidance.  




Doctor Strange too, in the end, realized life is more important than time stone. He flexed his beliefs to benefit the people and save his friend. We need leaders who value people over principles and humanity over religion/caste. 


And what about our friendly neighbour; Spiderman? For a country blooming with youth, how hard can it be for Tony Stark to make spidermen? Chennai floods saw many such neighbourhood superheroes who spontaneously helped one another and within few days the city regained the momentum. This was all done independently of any help from the government and by combined efforts of various volunteers and nonprofit organizations. 



My point is, we really should be the change we wish to see. It’s up to us, the Avengers, to stop the poisoning of democracy by political mascots. So, dear Avenger who’s reading this, put on your suit! Let’s work as a team to make a positive change. Let us think like Stark, command like Captain America, sacrifice like Thor, feel like Hulk and yet be a childlike Spidy. Even if we possess no exuberant superpower, we can still contribute like Black Widow and Hawkeye. Because, if there's a will then there's a place for everyone in the SHIELD. 



For now, there is an idea and maybe, we can be those remarkable people; to see if we can do something more and fight our own battles. 


Written by - Dyna Albert


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