The Curious Case of Sherlock's Boredom

“BORED. BORED. BORED!”  If you can recollect this scene merely by the dialogue and the images, the chances are that you are a big fan of the BBC’s Sherlock series as much as I am!

Having read most of the volumes of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I had fallen in love with this clever and witty character and his ‘signs of deduction’. At the beginning, I was rather hesitant to start watching the BBC series due to the well accepted belief that “the book is always better”. But I decided to give the first episode a shot because I knew Benedict was an amazing actor. 

By the time the first episode ended, I was scolding myself for not watching it earlier. The modern twist the writers had given to the story was so refreshing and had given it a second life. 

I finished the four seasons in a matter of a few days, absolutely loving each and every moment of it. The actors had done a fabulous job! Benedict Cumberbatch had gained a special place in my heart by his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes and perfectly expressing the character’s personality traits. 

When I kept turning over the term ‘Boredom of Doom’, it suddenly connected with Sherlock to whom Boredom was a real dangerous mood. 

“A junkie who solves crimes to get high” quotes Mary. When this statement is decoded, it reveals that the absence of cases means no work to his active brain and it affects him severely. The consequences of being more intellectual are also more drastic. 

When we get bored, we would resort to hobbies like music, food, series or sleep but when this extremely sharp detective falls into boredom, he needs something to ‘escape the dull routine of existence’. So, this brilliant man seeks the company of drugs and cigarettes when he does not have any cases. And when they try to stop and control his addiction, he wears his blue bathrobe and mopes around being crabby or is seen with a gun, tearing his flat apart. 

Furthermore for the pitiful condition of our landlady Mrs. Hudson (“I’m not your housekeeper”), 221B Baker’s street still has the bullet holes on her wall that Sherlock shot when he was ‘bored’ and with a yellow smiley face painted over it, which I don't think  was actually that happy.


In season 3, John Watson finds Sherlock in an old rundown house sleeping with a couple of other substance addicts. He goes on to justify his act to be a part of the research for his next case. Molly Hooper then slaps him (three well deserved ones) informing him that the level of drugs in his blood is dangerously high. 

It doesn’t get any better in Season 4, where after the terrible incident, Sherlock gets depressed and shuts himself in his apartment getting so wasted that when a client arrives and gives him a case, he is not able to figure out if it actually happened or it was a hallucination by effects of a drug.

When his client gives Sherlock’s mind a little something to work with, he begins a rampage around the flat, going ballistic when he finds that the rich businessman was actually a psychopath. When Mrs. Hudson worries about his condition and kidnaps Holmes, taking him to John, it is uncovered that if Sherlock continues his intake of drugs, it could in fact jeopardize his life within a couple of days.

Boredom induced a drug addiction and it almost killed our beloved detective. Makes you think Moriarty did Sherlock a favour by conducting his games. Thankfully John Watson saves his friend who lives on to solve more crimes and teaches us a important lesson - Don't do drugs, kids!

Written by, 

- Yutika sagar

Shriram R September 23, 2020

Beautifully put together
If this doesn’t make you want to watch this show
I don’t know what will.

CarlosBor September 24, 2020
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Killbillcak September 24, 2020
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Вернее сказать, не коронавирус вызовет данные экономические сложности, а попросту он их “скроет” (так как назревали они давно) и народ поверит, что его счета заморозятся в пользу борьбы с вирусом простого ОРВИ, и сам может поддаться в “цифровое рабство”, введенное мировым правительством.
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Davididern September 24, 2020

Спасибо за совет все нашлось тут!


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