BIGG BOSS 30th July: Bindhu Madhavi Rises


Dear Diary,

Kamal sir was back this week and it was such a relief to see a face that wasn't Julie or Gayathri. It was so much fun seeing them imitate each other, but seeing Julie laugh at being saved has made me lose my intention to live. Is it weird for me to like Snehan act like Julie more than Julie act like Julie?

Ganesh imitating Vaiyapuri was the worst recital of Tamil since Chennai Express.

But that's not the end, there's one more now. Her name is Bindu Madhavi and now that both her and Oviya are in the Bigg boss house, it's safe to say that Vimal will not be doing movies for a while. 

Whose side will she be on? The Oviya Army or the Julie Arm... Oh wait, there isn't one.


Bigg boss 


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Suresh Kumar J May 16, 2018

5 second video enga?
Release new tees with the caption please

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