BIGG BOSS 5th & 6th Aug: Aandavar, Maruthuva Muththam and Stuff


Dear Diary,


I have good news and bad news, The bad news is that Oviya is gone and the house seems very dull after her departure. Kamal sir rose to the occasion and asked me permission to converse with the house mates. This led to the first  'Roast of Aarav' #MaruthuvaMuththam. Tamil Nadu attained ultimate happiness as Gayu baby got burnt in the process. It was so beautiful.


Now coming to the good news, *clears throat* JULIE IS GONEEEE. No more acting and by God's grace, no more dancing on my lawn and making a mockery out of it. Good move by Andavar to let the people know that Julie's punishment was to leave and not to punish her when she comes out. 


With two of the troublemakers gone, it'll be interesting to see who sparks off the next fight. But one thing is sure, Aarav will have to pay for making my beautiful house a brothel. 



Bigg Boss 



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Nagesh Matre May 16, 2018

I m comed

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