BIGG BOSS DIARIES  25th JULY : Julie's New Look

Dear Diary, 

The people in my house don't seem to respect me at all. Every time I give them a task, they ask for some amendments in the rules. This time in the cycling task too I gave in because Vaiyapuri threw tantrums like a baby. But little do they know that I am yet to unleash all my power on them!

Raiza tried to give Julie a new look through a haircut and Shakthi compared this to the transformation of Suhasini in Gopurangal Saivadhillai. But I wonder if this new look indicates that she is about to implement new level of strategies in her game play as the house seems slightly peaceful since last two days. I tell you... this girl is capable!

As days pass by, Oviya proves that she can genuinely forgive and move ahead. Like the people in my house discussed, this cycling task may bring more complications tomorrow and I am eager to see all the drama that'll follow. 

Not to forget the blind fold game I gave them... I want to apologize to every viewer as I understand how they'd have felt looking at Julie and Raiza with that dental mouth opener. Sometimes I am pushed to do such things to make the game more challenging and few drawbacks that follow are inevitable. Pahhhh


Bigg Boss 



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