BIGG BOSS DIARIES 26th JULY: Kadhal Desam ft. Gayu & Oviya

Dear Diary,

I have seen 'beautiful' love stories like 'Thodari' and 'AAA" and all, but I am not able to handle this Oviya-Aarav story anymore. She has become a GVM movie hero, saying stuff like 'I've seen a man now'. Like WTF, idhuku andha Bharani paiyan eh parava illai.

I couldn't take the hatred anymore so I decided to call Gayu baby and Oviya to the confession room to indirectly sort out their problems. Smart no? Anyway, it was two mangoes with one stone cause Gayathri and Oviya decided to shut up and shut down respectively.

Ethri Neechal second half madhiri full episode Raiza cycling pannitu irundha. I thought Julie's haircut would trigger Shakthi, but just-u miss ayidichu. Overall, it was an emotional day at the house, not too much damage done so it's good for me. 


Bigg Boss   




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Shyamala Sivaraman May 16, 2018

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