BIGG BOSS DIARIES 28th JULY: Red Carpet Gone Wrong

Dear Diary, 

Yennoda veeta idichalum parava illai, Aana Shakthi Gayathri-ye idichadhu yennale thaanga mudiyile. I didn't think that Oviya would go to the extent of almost killing julie. But there's one thing that I did expect, and it happened. Snehan broke his stereotype and tried hugging the salon lady!

I brought in the entire concept of the week's top performer getting a trip to the Bigg Boss salon just so that Snehan would get a haircut, but sketch maari Shakthi got a haircut and Snehan still looks like a part of Jayam Ravi's family in Vanamagan. Just as everyone is getting prepared for someone to leave tomorrow, I can only wonder what would happen when they're told that there are no eliminations.


Bigg boss



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