Brand new looks of the Marvel Heroes - Avengers: Infinity War

In 2008, Iron Man released; today comic fans who watched the movie at
 that point would be ten years older today. Meanwhile, through this decade, Marvel has weaved a massive canopy of a plot that has only gotten better over time. In the recent thunderous release of the Avengers: Infinity Wars, the franchisee has not failed to communicate it would all come down to this battle. Along with the progression in the plot, the looks of the heroes have also been changing; however, fans have noticed that the changes in the looks have been quite Stark (excuse me for the bad pun
#SorryNotSorry). One of the reasons for this could also be because one of the darkest lords of the universe has invaded the planet and when the lover of Mistress of death makes an entry, things are bound to get darker. The makers of the movie have definitely reflected this element in the looks of the heroes. Here’s what we thought of the new avatars of the heroes:

1. Captain America? More like Mr. America


Cap seems to look like a guy who took the ‘No-shave November’ challenge way too seriously! Jokes apart. Captain America is a usually seen with a clean shaved look and blonde cropped hair with spikes in the front. But in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, Chris Evan is seen sporting a flawless thick beard and slightly long dirty blond hair. This look seems like it has added a deeper and darker shade to Captain America’s character. Another change in Cap’s costume is that, in his suit, all references to the American flag and symbol have been removed. In this movie, he seems to wear a plain dark blue armoured suit with a blue star. Again, we cannot get over his beard!

2. Black Widow’s Blonde makeover

Natasha Romanoff, a feisty Avenger when it comes to her fighting, has always been not-so-feisty when it comes to changing her looks. Throughout her movies, the Black Widow has maintained a more-or-less same suit costume with her fiery red hair in different lengths. The trailer shows that Romanoff has undergone a drastic change by dyeing her red tresses blonde. Some fans have theorized that this change is because of her choice to go undercover after Iron Man warned her to go off the radar after the Superhero-Government conflict. The trailer also shows Bruce Banner and Romanoff having a romantic moment; the Hulk approves. *wink wink*

3. Thor’s Goldilocks in no more

No matter how Chris Hemsworth looks, his sparkling blue eyes are enough to melt our hearts. Nevertheless, from Thor: Ragnarok, the God has cut off his golden blonde locks and now has dark blonde short hair trimmed on the sides; he sports a similar look in this movie too. He also wears a full arm dark coloured suit instead of his previous sleeveless one. As usual, there is a red cape taped at the back of his shoulders and he also holds his majestic hammer in one hand.

4. Changing colours of Thanos

This is the only thing that is making Marvel twitter fans go crazy: villain Thanos’s changing colours. The Avengers post-credit scene is where Thanos makes his first appearance; it shows the titan lord sitting on his throne where his skin tone is somewhat blue-ish red and over many movies his tone has changed to blue. However, in this movie, Thanos looks completely different; his skin is beige, similar to that of humans. Some twitter fans joked that he looks like a spam version of Bruce Willis.

5. Other highlights

Look out for teen Groot! Yes, the Guardians of the Galaxy gang will be joining the Avengers in the movie and our cute little Groot has grown up to become a tall teen. Apart from that, the trailer shows the human version of Vision for the first time ever; we’re excited to see how that pans out.

Despite of the new changes, the trailer has still has a huge hype; but with such drastic changes will the movie satisfy fans or disappoint them? Let’s wait and watch.

Written by

Swetha Akshita


Dhusyanth May 16, 2018

Thor lost the eye too…….y u didnt mention…????

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