Cheesiest Hollywood Movies to Cheer you Up (or Cringe at)

Cheesy movies make us all feel better. Either you’re the type who thinks “Aww, this is so cute!”. Or it’s “Aw, why would you do that? No one in real life does that!”. No matter which category you belong to, we all could enjoy a good cheesy movie to love (and to hate!). Here it goes!

To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved (Netflix)

A movie that truly feels like a classic even though it was released just in 2018. Broadly the movie is about Lara Jean, a girl who doesn’t express herself to her crushes, and how her life changes when all of them come to know how she feels at once. She is lovely to watch on-screen as a character whose life doesn’t revolve around romance but lives her life outside of it too! From watching Golden Girls with her sister to learning how to drive, she is an example of the small joys that being a teenage girl can bring! And the romantic storyline is really sweet as well so make this a must-watch!


She’s the Man (Netflix)

This movie is a favourite of mine because it’s an adaptation of the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night. Now, just because you hear ‘Shakespeare’ doesn’t mean it’s going to be dull, it is in fact, a comedy-drama taken to the next level. This movie focuses on Viola who wants to play soccer even though the ladies team got cancelled. And once she disguises herself to play on the boy's team, romantic drama comes along! This movie is one of the funniest and yet, empowering adaptations of a Shakespeare play. You see Viola play on the boys’ team, be one of their best players and prove everyone’s assumptions wrong. It’s a romcom and a feel-good sports movie rolled into one!


Legally Blonde (Amazon Prime)

This movie overturns so many stereotypes, that it needs an appreciation blog by itself! Legally Blonde is about Elle Woods, who gets dumped by her boyfriend but eventually moves on and works hard to get into law school to become a successful lawyer. Elle Woods is wonderful for many reasons but the reason I admire her is for her grit and determination. She is a person from a fashion background, and someone who you’d expect to be an Instagram influencer in this age and nothing more. But she defies everyone’s doubts, tries something far out of her comfort zone and emerges a better person for it. And she does it all in the pinkest and the cutest outfits which just makes it better!


Cinderella – The Live Action Movie (Amazon Prime)

You can’t have a cheesy movie list without having a fairytale story in it and this is the one! Cinderella, the live-action movie follows the often-told story of a girl who became a princess for just one night and finds her prince at a ball. This movie is much better than the animated version just from how much better all the characters are! The Prince has character and a backstory of his own. You also see why Cinderella is the way she is, through her childhood. And the best part is, they managed to fix one of the most ridiculed aspects of the tale, that the Prince didn’t know that it was Cinderella until he put the shoe on her. This movie makes you want to believe in a happily ever after!


Isn’t this Romantic (Netflix)

One of the proper rom-com in this list, this movie is led by Rebel Wilson who gets transported into an alternate reality where everything is a perfect rom-com. It’s always amazing to see a genre acknowledge the tropes it portrays, and this movie is at the peak of this. The movie is visually beautiful (like every other rom-com! As Rebel says) and has everything you usually look for in a rom-com fix. Additionally, it was lovely to see the protagonist go from believing in a happy ending to growing into a cynical adult to again, believing in making the best out of your ending!


When We First Met (Netflix)

Some people have the habit of overthinking their past (@me). But what if you could explore your past and try to use all the opportunities you missed? This movie covers just that. The hero, Noah Ashby is a man who feels awful for not having made a move on one of his friends earlier and he finds a way to turn back time and “fix” that. What is unique in this movie is that it doesn’t limit the protagonist in any way from using the machine. He uses it over and over again until he realizes by himself what needs to in real-time. Which is a lesson that is somehow always forced onto the hero, so it’s refreshing to see the self-realisation?


Pitch Perfect (Amazon Prime)

Although not a rom-com, this movie franchise is one of the cheesiest ones out there. Pitch Perfect follows the story of an acapella group who are trying to win any competition through all the setbacks they face from working together. It’s the typical set-up of a feel-good story, with amazing singers to back it up!


The Vow (Hulu)

Warning: This movie can pull at your heartstrings. This movie is about the love story of Paige and Leo. Paige loses a year of her memory and doesn’t remember her marriage or any of her current life, and Leo tries to have her remember while people from the life she abandoned keep pulling her back. This makes a beautiful movie for many reasons, but a major one is to see two characters once in love, fall in love all over again in a completely different way. It tells you that if two characters are meant to be, they’ll get there one way or another.

And that’s all the cheesy movies for today! Now all you need to do is to kick back and enjoy.


Nithya Muralidharan.

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