Chocolate tharala-naa “Un pechu Ka!”

Chocolate tharala nu “Un pechu Ka!” vitadhula irundhu, “Pazhaguna neengale ipdi panna, ini yaar kita da paathu pazhaguradhu?”nu dialogue pesunadhu varaikum, we’ve all fought with our friends and later realized ‘Andha nesam, indha paasam, natpai pola, engum edhum  uyarndhadhillai’ at least once in our lives. Like the song says, breakups in friendships indeed hurt way more than relationships.

Not every movie highlights friendship break-ups to its true intensity. Only a few do justice to it  while the rest shuffle back to love separation. But, let’s just pause our heart that remembers that one friend right now and rewind the story, starting from schooldays. 

90’s kids would definitely remember watching the famous “Il thaka saiya?” from Friends. It was such a rage back then and we all imagined growing up the same way like the trio in the  movie. Remember fighting for the batting position with your friend during cricket matches in school or neighbourhood playground? A riff-raff, followed by days of silence? 

That’s when our first heartbreak in friendship hit us. “Avan apdi panvanu edhir paakala da!”  would have been the most said dialogue. That’s why that movie had a great impact in all our  lives - one revelation that disrupted everything. 

When ‘Piriyamana Thozhi’ released, we started looking for an opposite gender best friend  despite our schools being very strict about a boy-girl interaction. Passing secret notes,  bringing snacks especially for that person, sharing stationery, notes and gossip remain sweet memories now. She’d have even written assignments for you, but all of it would have  gone down the drain cause either your friends started a rumour in class that you both were  in love or coz you had hastily admitted your love. 

When this misunderstanding and communication gap widens, you’d have lost her and your heart would have raced back to ‘Kadhal Desam’ for solace. Or if you’re a girl and your love had been wooed by him and his friends, you’d have sought comfort in Laila’s feelings in ‘Ullam Ketkume’. Friendship breakups because love peeked behind from the curtain was very common back then, when puberty took its toll on  all our hormones. 

If the scuffle because of love happens between guys, then, ‘Natpukulle’ from Chennai - 600 028 would have played in your MP3 and PC speakers and it’d have even made your parents  worry about you sulking inside the room, all day long. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Endrendrum Punnagai would have made you feel even more  guilty and apologize or wait for one. But if the betrayal is too hard to digest like in the movie  ‘Sundarapandiyan’ all that’s left to do is put the pain behind and move on with a – “Inimel  en moonjila muzhikkadha!” Or if you’ve been in the receiving end of it with false  accusations, then, “Ashok! Indha naal unnudaiya calendar la kurichu vechuko!” would have  been your comeback repartee. 

There’s always a special place for people you befriended during college days. College must  have been ‘Verum kalvi mattum illai, kanavu mattum illai, Kangal Kalanga vaikkum uravugal.’ Also, farewells are the most underrated breakups that happen till now. ‘Kanneeril thane  engal farewell party’ would have happened for sure. 

If you’ve been very unfortunate to lose your best friend to death, then I bet, you’d have  cringed a lot and maybe dropped a tear or two while watching this lineup of movies. Kumar  from Boys, Babloo from Kulir 100o, Sakthi from Ninaithale Inikkum, Anbu from Madras, Mahesh from AYM, Azhar from Natpe Thunai would’ve reminded you cruelly of their  absence. It is the most heart-wrenching breakup of all because there’s no getting back.  Never. 

Today, with technology ruling us, we've gotten to telling ‘I miss you my friend’ only  through stories and video statuses that sing ‘Memories bring back, memories bring back you.’ Just like we have a separate playlist of Love breakup songs, we have one for friendship  breakups too. Friendship day reminds us of it every year. 

But, no matter what the reason behind the separation maybe, deep down we all still  reminisce those evergreen days of smiles and friendship with ‘Nanbanai partha thedhi  mattum, otti kondadhen nyabagathil’ and go back to feeling again, ‘Thol saaya thol illaye,  en vaazhkai ennavadhu?’ 

Natpukulla misunderstanding varadhu ellam saadhaaranam dha, Nanba. Aana, inga pesi  theerka mudiyaadha vishayam nu onnu ilave ila. Kuthunadhu nanbana irundha, setha kuda  sola kudadhu. Adhan ‘Natpu’. 

But maranatha vida mosamaanadhu enna theriyuma? 

Marakka padradhu. 

- Dhevapriya R J
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