Cloudburst of Emotions

We can all agree on the fact that rain is indisputably one of the most cliched props in Tamil Cinema.In spite of this element being exceptionally cliched, I personally think rain can depict a wide range of emotions. Be it the infamous intro fight scene from Thalapathy or the drizzly cute climax scene from Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum, the rain factor has undoubtedly elevated the emotions involved in these scenes to another level.

That being said, I'd like to shine the spotlight on these few music videos from Tamil Cinema that had brilliantly showcased the combination of the rain element along with the emotion that was being conveyed.


Rain often symbolizes freedom, having fun and being rebellious.With this aspect to the element, he one song that plays in my mind is doubtlessly Ohho Megam Vandhadho. In the video, Divya (Revathy) is seen enjoying the rain whilst dancing with sheer care-freeness. The rain in this song clearly represents the freedom and the youth she possesses.This as the first song in the movie subtly gives you an idea of Divya's character. Just like how Ohho Megam Vandhadho renders the freedom and youth of Divya, Malini (Revathy) from Punnagai Mannan celebrates in the rain for being accepted by Sethu (Kamal Hassan) in Vaan Megam. Also,a big shout out to Isaingani for such fine compositions that brings you the rain even if it's at Sahara.

Rain also has a revival and rebirth aspect to it. It can simply signify the good that comes after a bad or it can just mean the washing away of something old and regrowing something better. Having said that, you should already know what's coming up. It's the evergreen Andhi Mazhai Megam from Nayagan! This is one amazing song that commemorates togetherness, renaissance and harmony.The music video shows the entire slum celebrating Holi while singing and dancing amidst the rainfall. Andhi Mazhai Magam is undeniably one of the best celebration songs in Tamil Cinema.


Of course there's the romantic aspect of rain as shown in numerous films.The term 'love' and 'rain' is something that can make me instantly visualize Maddy in the red phone booth staring out the foggy window "Na Bangalore pesuren, Rajesh le irundhu" The whole god damn energy this scene holds is remarkable. Hearing "Poopol poopol..en nenjai koidhaval" never fails to make me blush any day. On the other hand, Mogathirai from Pizza is one really cute song. This song's visuals were immensely beautiful along with Vijay Sethupathi and Ramya Nambeesan's wonderful chemistry. Personally both of these songs/music videos wouldn't have impacted me as much if not for the rain.


Rain is also a sign of being alone or left out or more precisely left in sorrow in this case. Engge Enadhu Kavidhai is definitely an accurate example. In the midst of a heavy downpour, Meenakshi's (Aishwarya Rai) prince charming emerges from a temple being wed - but to another woman. Meenakshi is seen walking out of the studio in utter despair. As she walks, she pathetically falls into an open manhole devoured by the rain. Bala (Mammooty) who loves Meenakshi is nearby and comes to her aid. One chapter ends and another sets about and again, this goes back to the previous point where I had said rain sometimes also mean the washing away of the old and regrowing something better.


On the whole,regardless of however rain makes us feel, can we all just enjoy the moment and sing in the rain?

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- Narmatha



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