Colours in Movie Posters

Colours have a psychological effect on us and that’s why many marketers are careful about colours in their branding process. The red of KFC or the white of Apple or blue in Facebook are there for a reason and the colours are chosen after a careful study of the emotions linked to the colours. This could be true for the cinema industry too. The posters are the first thing that we get to know about a film. Let’s take a few posters and see how colours are used to hint us about the genre or emotions of the film. 


The film was promoted as a musical gangster film. The posters of gangster films will have black as its dominant colour. For instance, The Godfather & Goodfellas. But the poster of Jigarthanda had pink as the dominant colour and blue for the text. Both the colours are unique choices. Pink is formed by combining red & white. The passion, aggression, power of red is diluted by the purity of white. That's the character arc of Assault Sethu, a ruthless gangster who softens after seeing a thunderous response for the film he has acted in. The blue colour of text denotes the intelligence of Karthik who turns an hostage situation (directing Assault Sethu) into an opportunity.

Aaranya Kaandam

Aaranya Kaandam is a gangster drama which has a very surprising end. The film's poster is dominated by two colours- black and yellow. As mentioned earlier most gangster films’ posters have black as their dominating colour because it symbolises the coldness, power and control which are the characteristics of a gangster. The use of yellow is interesting in this poster. Yellow is a colour that emits optimism, confidence and hope. Subha’s character arc can be associated with yellow where she walks away with confidence and hope.  

Pariyerum Perumal

The most prominent feature of the Pariyerum Perumal poster is the Karuppi dog in the foreground. The dog is in black colour and the background is in orange. Orange with black symbolises deprivation. Deprivation means the lack or denial of something considered to be a necessity. The film talks about deprivation. Pari played by Kathir in the climax tells how Jo has freedom to express whatever she wants unlike him. The freedom of speech and his own identity is being deprived and the film questions those who do that. 

These are a few examples of how colours are used in posters that can hint the emotions involved in the film. 

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- Suruj S

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