Dare to Dream

Dreams are imagination created by our brains that we see when we sleep. Have we ever wondered of how creative our minds should be if they can create such marvelous images and stories when the brain is just sleeping in almost a minimal state of activeness? Dreams and stories are intertwined. Dreams become stories and for storytellers their stories inspire others to create new dreams.

Ved always dreams of seeing stories, hearing stories, he lives with the stories , tries to live in a beautiful story of his own and ends up creating his own beautiful dream of telling stories to people and making them happy. He always believed in stories and stories are what turned Ved back into being a human. 
Tamasha by Imtiaz Ali - 2015
Tony stark , the billionaire playboy, the mighty IRON MAN dreams of a drastic end to all the people that he loved. Did he lose all his hope and the desire that drove him ?  In fact, he has been preparing himself to face this fate all his life towards his brilliant destiny. He planned, took the leap of faith and defeated the mad titan with a swap of his fingers. Conquer your fright and overcome it to make your dreams the greater reality.
Avengers - Age of Ultron by Russo brothers - 2015
A little goldfish dreams of being a human. Her fins become legs and hands. Her head grows hair of gold. She dreams of being with the person who showed her the most love and compassion that she has seen in her whole life and it happens. Dream and live the dream. Ponyo went all the way to even sacrifice the whole world's stability to be with her love. When impossible unreal things can happen in a dream , why can't it happen in life ? 
Ponyo , by Hayao miyazaki - 2008 
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Lakshmi Narasimhan
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