Dear ‘Aandavar’

Dear ‘Aandavar’,

How ironic is it to someone who doesn’t believe in God, that you are being colloquially referred to as the same by your fans. Well, your fans do have a hinge of sarcasm in their blood. After all, we are your fans!

From falling in love with your humour in Vasool Raja MBBS to being awestruck by your acting in Guna, what spell have you cast on me?

From watching Avvai Shanmugi how many ever times they telecast it on Ktv to screaming my voice out for Panchatanthiram during movie days at my college, your movies have been my dopamine and my adrenaline rush.

From people pointing out to me to refer to Kamal while playing dumbcharades to my mom saying ‘Epdiyum Kamal Padam Dane Poda Pore?’ when we sit in front of the TV, little did I know that you’re a part and parcel of my life. 

From dancing crazily to ‘ Kaasu Mela Kasu vandhu’ to the morattu single in me wanting to fall in love hearing ‘ Neela vanam’ do you know you’ve taken over my music playlists as well?

Dear Kamal, I’ve never believed in the fact that anyone is born to practise a profession, but with utmost confidence, I can say you were born to act. Period.

But you proved us otherwise. You act, you write, you sing, you direct, and now you do want other ambitious things and what not? 

You are never bound to one thing and you want it all. I secretly wish you played Asin’s role as well in Dasavatharam 

How can I not refer to your wonderful partner? Crazy Mohan.

‘First patient eh bedi baby!’ 

'Munadhi Pinnadhi Enna irundudhu?

‘Bheem Boy Bheem Boy!’ 

‘Pammal Waacckk Samandham’ 

‘Enaye pidikalayam, Ipo Breaku pidikalana Enna pocham’

Well, you know... You both are to blame for making me laugh while typing it out. Do you want to know how much you both have impacted our lives?

In Vasool Raja MBBS, Raja gets a call saying that he's got a patient and it's a baby suffering from diarrhoea. Raja immediately hangs the call and says to his friend ‘first patient eh Bedi Baby’. My mom still refers to me and my sisters as ‘Bedi baby' when we fall sick.

From providing masterful piece of script writing to making us laugh at the silliest of the things, thanks to Crazy Mohan and you for making our lives better. 

For someone who hesitates to wake up from my place and is a professional procrastinator, you made me write to Fully filmy. You are to blame for disturbing my rest. Now that I am done expressing half of how much I love you I am gonna get back to resting. 

Dear Kamal, wake me only when another legend like you is born!

Yours Truly,

Pooja Venkataramana

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