What if Dear Zindagi had released in January?


Each one of us has had an epiphany; a sudden realisation at certain points in our life. It might be an obvious fact that's never occurred to you in the past. It gives you an “Ada ahma’ (I Know right?) feel. This piece is about one such obvious but very late realisation that popped up in the realms of my mind.




Imagine watching a Blu-Ray of Alaipayuthe on your laptop on a rainy day; curtains closed, with a hot cuppa soup, wrapped around by your old faithful comforter….alright, I could go on forever!

Now imagine another situation: you are on an unplanned trip to a place and taking a crowded private bus was your only option. It is a super hot afternoon and the bus conductor decides to play a bad print of Alaipayuthe. Now, compare the feel, the connect and your involvement with the same content in these two different scenarios.

It is different, right?  



Similarly, watching a romantic movie while you’re in a healthy, happy relationship gives a different feeling when compared to watching the same movie when you and your partner are on the verge of breaking up. What I am trying to say is, the ambience, your mood, the flow of things in your personal life and various other factors decide whether a particular film appeal to you or not.

Very obvious, right?

Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

This realisation hit me after watching Dear Zindagi. According to me, Irudhi Suttru and Dear Zindagi are two similar films, releasing in the beginning and the end of the year respectively, like the front and back cover of the same book.

When a person during a low point in his/her life meets an extremely charismatic and inspiring person of the opposite gender, and when that person turns out to become their mentor, the immediate thought is to get into a romantic relationship with them simply because you don't want to let go of them from your already vulnerable life. You seek comfort in these hitherto unfamiliar individuals mainly because you've never experienced anything like that before from any other person in this big, bad world.



Irudhi Suttru released in January 2016 and it is one of my favorites this year. The hug that Ritika gives Madhavan in the climax to me indicated that they became couples and lived-happily-ever-after. Though most of my friends and colleagues inferred it as a mere action to celebrate Ritika's victory, I held my thought about it very strongly. It was purely because of my state of mind in January and due to the line of events that were happening in my own life. May be I wished for that kind of an ending or rather a beginning in my life too. Whether it happened to me or not a is a different story all together (Yes, that’s a diplomatic and less depressing way to say that it didn’t happen)



Today, however, I felt good as SRK and Alia didn't enter the relationship zone in Dear Zindagi. During one of the counselling session scenes, SRK says that if one does not take control over their life’s steering somebody else tends to take the driver seat and lead your life based on his/her intentions. After giving out such life mantras if SRK had accepted Alia’s proposal in the climax it would be a contradiction of his own mantra. With all this in mind and my personal life revelations, the way Dear Zindagi ended was convincing to me. If you ask me if I would have perceived the film the same way if it had released in January…. I don’t think so.



Watching movies are not just a source of entertainment. It is a place where you end up with unexpected revelations and re-validations. In fact, I am very proud of myself for the kind of change my attitude has had from January to December. Quite a fruitful year indeed. Time does not heal...it enlightens.


Written by D Meera Chithirappaavai 

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