Don't hesitate to say VadaPoche!

We all know Cinema has come into our life as a pill that takes our physical and mental burden away. But our very own Tamil Samoogam used the earlier Tamil Cinema as a medium to carry messages to the community. Lifestyle, Morales, Heritages, and even political campaigns were spoken about through Cinema.

Veterans like NSK and Chandrababu initiated the process. Until one man came in and changed the entire game! Nagesh turned up with impeccable comic timing and brilliant acting thus changing the course of Tamil Cinema and it’s comedy. After the era of Nagesh, though we received comedians like Goundamani, Senthil and Vivek, Tamil Cinema still couldn't fill in the role of a complete package of a comedy actor like Nagesh. And then he came! A man from the coast of Vaigai named Vadivelu.

The entry of VaigaiPuyal made the audience see him as a replica of the veteran Nagesh. Before the industry started to judge him as a comedian, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and show his other side as a character actor through movies like Thevar Magan, Sangamam, etc. The hospital scene from Thevar Magan and the apologizing to Manivannan scene from Sangamam still hits me hard. For the audience, these scenes are the epitome of acting in his career! Through moments like this, Vadivelu subtly announced to the industry what he is capable of as they received him with a smile as a Nagesh 2.0.

Vadivelu, the painkiller:

While talking about mental health, I came across a lot of stories that said "ping me if you get negative thoughts". This mentality gives an impression that it’d create a drastic change but that’s not the case. Depression is not a joke. Depression won't make you scream like 'naan jailuku poren' in public. The face of real depression is worse than you think.         

Consult a professional, work on relationships and build your own set of people who you can rely on in time of need. Find people who you can cry out loud to without any hesitation. It's a perverted myth that men should not cry (Keep calm and say Vada Poche..). Men can cry because depression doesn't know any gender. Concentrate on your mental health. Build your own stress busters and hobbies to fight it. 

We the people of TN are blessed with artists like Vadivelu who give us the freedom to lose ourselves in their characters and world, thus forgetting about our own reality for a while. Escapism! I still remember during our college days, the whole hostel used to watch Vadivelu comedy from Friends on the night before our Semester exams to calm us down. Till date, I'll reach out to Vadivelu with the help of YouTube whenever I feel down.

Vadivelu, the meme-god:

In the era of social media, memes have become one of the main mediums for content creation. 

Though there are many comedians in our industry, a majority of the memes are based on Vadivelu. And so, he became the god of the meme-world (p.s: insert the KGF BGM.). One can say and sell any genre of content by using Vadivelu's comedy template. This gave him immense fame and admiration amongst the internet generation. Our daily life proves that one can't spend his/her day without saying Vadivelu's dialogue in their conversations and one can't surf on social media without seeing his face. If it's a meme, it has to be Vadivelu.

With characters like Kaipulla, Alert Arumugam, Nesamani, Soona paana, Vakkeel Vedimuthu, 23am Pulikesi traveling with us everyday, Vadivelu has become a part and parcel of our life. So much so that I’d like to believe that the letter V in love is for Vadivelu.  

Written by 

- Sundharesan Mohankumar

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