Emotions behind a Revenge

The genres usually handled in a film (as of now) revolve in a circle. Even with technological progression it is difficult to find a new genre. But the film fraternity follows a trend of going with the season and the audience's liking. Be it horror, dark comedy, action thrillers or even police drama, what makes a few films stand out is the treatment of the script. By the way of presentation, the filmmakers avoid their film being called clichéd.

Revenge is one such universal phenomenon handled by filmmakers across the globe. It is a safe bet for the filmmakers as all they need to do is to justify the reason for the revenge (Though it is a mountain which they decided to climb with passion). A filmmaker succeeds when he makes the audience believe that justice is served when revenge is taken (the deciding factor).

Revenge is common for both the protagonist and antagonist. But what makes us (the audience) take a stand is the line drawn between humanity and the law (to a small extent). The engaging factor depends on establishing the conflict and holding on to it till the mission (i.e. revenge) is accomplished. 

It is almost impossible to find an actor who hasn't acted in a revenge drama. The conflict can be between anyone. It can be between a couple, between a parent and child, between a teacher and a student, between the hero and ananti-social element, between ghosts, or even between a housefly and villain and the list goes on. Many films have followed these tropes and made a successful venture like EegaApoorva Sagodharargal or even Baahubali.

The film succeeds when it makes us believe that justice is served by taking revenge. Though the ultimate path taken to achieve it differs based on the difference it makes on the people’s life surrounding the story. For instance, in Asuran, Sivasamy kills everyone involved in setting his place on fire and killing his family members in the flashback. But in the present when Vadakooran killed his son Murugan, he doesn’t do the same thing he did in the past keeping his family in mind. Though he fights in the interval block, it is not to avenge his son’s death but to save Chidambaram from being killed. In both these instances, the decision Sivasamy makes is directly based on the welfare of his family.

There is no better motivation for a story than revenge. The revenge does not always require to be satisfied by taking a life away. It can be anything. It can be the success of the survivor or not doing the same as the predator does and  show them how you are the bigger person with a damn smile!

There is no doubt that revenge dramas will always be a go-to movie for the movie buffs or even the general audience who expect a sense of satisfaction or vengence from a film.


Subash Sundar J

Senguttuvan I N September 13, 2020

💯 another view. A story out of revenge .

Dhiliban September 14, 2020

Well put

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