Friendship is a Word. Natpu is an Emotion!

From birth we go through various phases of life with loads of people involved in it. But at each phase, we have that one character that remains as the pillar of strength during our highs and lows. The friend! Certain people are  blessed with one person at all phases and a few with different people. But everybody would have encountered a Friendship Breakup. A beautiful depiction of this phase is through movies and songs. Right from  Thalapathy to Oh My Kadavule now, films have managed to portray friendship breakup in its rawest most touching form.

Resonation of this term reminds me of the movie Chennai 600028 where Karthik and Palani  fight over a relationship with his sister. The issue being kept aside the pain and emotions, the song “Natpukulae oru pirivingu Vandhadhu” is like a go-to song for anybody who quarrels with a best friend. The lyrics are something that we all could relate to. 

People generally talk about how Love Breakup hurts but if you have experienced a friendship breakup it’s something that tears your heart apart. Memories that haunt us for life like aptly portrayed in the film Endrendrum Punagai with such intensity. The climax of the movie where Jeeva recalls the good old times he'd had with his pals, still brings out a tear in my eye. Well most of us genuinely don’t remember the reason for friction but trust me that friends keep crossing our memories right from the theru kadai tea shop to a television advertisement that reminds us of them. 

Cross-gender friendship is usually looked down upon by the society but Tamil cinema has come a long way in depicting that relationship in postive light.  Movies like Oh My Friend, Inidhu Inidhu and Pariyerum Perumal have beautifully portrayed that a girl best friend has an equal impact on a guys' life. For instance this scene from Priyamana Thozhi where Madhavan is ordered to stop talking to Sridevi and we the audience can feel his pain.

Just like in most movies, friendship breakup can be pretty brutal. At times we take the call on ending such a relationship due to the moment of anger or disappointment.  Although by ending a relationship and letting it go, you make space for a healthier and more satisfying friendship, the void from a previous friendship can never be replaced. If you could definitely forgive your best friend and move past the incident do it because that soul is definitely a part of us and requires a second chance. And if you are waiting for your best friend to get back to you, then hold on a little longer because he ain't going anywhere far! 

Maatha, Pitha, Guru, Nalla Nanban athuku aprom than Dheivam 
-Thalaivar (Kuselan) 

Written by: 

Bavithra Shanmugam

Arthi Vivek September 12, 2020

Wow so beautiful! Reminds me of my friends and all the fun I had with them! ❤️

Vicky PS September 12, 2020


Diptanshu September 12, 2020


Rudhra Kumaresan November 17, 2020

Wonderful article I loved it

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