From Prakash to Alert Aarumugam, Finding hope in Cinema!

It is times during these, where there is no hope for someone, cinema steps in to give a shoulder.  Sridhar, a struggling musician finds hope in the eyes of a young kid who jumps and rings the  bell. That’s vidaa muyarchi. Speaking of vidaa muyarchi, we remember the man who coined this  term.  “Vidaa muyarchi, Viswaroopavetri.” – Boss(a)Baskaran.  

He was ridiculed by everyone in his family as he was a good-for-nothing bloke. He set out on a  journey to earn money and name for himself and prove himself to his family. Was the path easy? If the path was that easy, then anyone would've been able to do it. But he never lost hope. He along with his friend  Nallathambi started a small tutorial center with a revolutionary offer and faced a lot of struggles.  But did Boss lose hope? A strong no! He is one of the few characters in Cinema who never loses hope in life. Even when everything goes wrong and Nallathambi starts worrying  about the future, he remains cool enough to tackle the situation and see the good in the present.  

Now let’s introduce one of my favorite characters in the history of Malayalam cinema, Prakash,  no wait.. that’s not his name. Well this is embarrassing, not knowing the real name of your  favorite character..let’s call him kallan for time being. In Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum,  

“Avasana Nimisham vare pidichu nikua…Atha ipo ente oru line. Ipollum Hope ind!” –  Kallan, Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum  

He knew he’d get caught. Any sane human being in his situation would have freaked the hell  out. But him? He was cool as a cucumber. Waiting to get his opportunity to get back at Prasad  and escape. Even after the police found out the truth, he gave a stunning reaction which  shocked everyone including the audience. How does one not see Hope in the eyes of Fahadh  Faasil?!! Well his eyes show a lot of things but in this scenario, Hope. Even when all hell broke  loose for him, he never gave up. 

We can never talk about hope without mentioning the legend of our times Vadivelu sir. He on  numerous occasions gave hope to us through his characters. I’d like to sketch two of them in  here for now. One is Seenichaamy from Seena thaana 001. The other is Alert Aarumugam from  Vedigundu Murugesan. 

Seenichaamy is a genius. When he goes and robs a flat, there is a bomb scare.Though a little scared, he was quick witted enough to think of a solution rather than panicking. He came up with a brilliant plan of using an umbrella to do a  jump all the way from the 6th floor. Even if it was difficult and he could be seriously injured  (which eventually happened), he never lost hope and had a humongous amount of self-belief.  That gives us the audience hope. He teaches us never to lose hope. Even if the odds are  against you, put your best foot forward and march towards hope.  

Alert Aarumugam is one of the most beloved characters of Vadivelu sir. He goes to a restaurant  to have food and rob the cashbox. But the waiter identifies him and informs the owner of the  restaurant. Everyone was cautious enough and were on full alert mode in front of Aarumugam.  Aarumugam noticed more than 5 men looking gravely at him while he was eating. Any other  person in this scenario would have stormed out of the place with the slightest chance. But  Aarumugam? He was the calmest person in the room. He never lost hope. He wanted to get the  money. Now the intent may be wrong, but since this is a discussion about hope, he has that in  plenty. He turns off the light and rushes to the cash box and takes everything with him and  successfully leaves after fooling the owner and his workers. 

There is always inspiration from every movie. We just need the right mindset to see things.  Right from a child in Mugavari to Ayya Aadhimoolam in Seethakathi, every person gives hope to the audience, if we have the right eyes to look out for them.  

- Shravan Srinivasan 


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