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The great war is won and this time the Westeros folks catch up with the path of peace before the final roar of the Lions, Dragon and wolves. It is always a breeze that precedes the storms.The Dawn of the long night progresses with regrets, little streaks of smiles, tinges of insecurities and difficult treasonous choices as the plot attempts a very hard try in establishing a convenient and convincing stand to crown the former Lord Commander of the Nights watch as the protector of the realms. Ice and honor or the fire and fervor? With the question of what will inspire the rule of harmony, begins the quest for the throne. With the war starting off in a nasty and bloody note, let's dive into a recollection of the fourth episode which forms the midpoint of this final season!

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Dawn of the Long Night

The lost lives of love, grit, devotion and duty are grieved for with moments of silence reinforcing the glorious ways they fought in their way to the doom. Winterfell has met with peace but none beyond the crumbled wall, snow and stone castles shall know the bloody history of the battle that has sustained the existence of Westeros. The ignorance that vastly fills the subjects will neither embrace the effective measures made by the Warden of the North to save the living nor question the purpose of Cersei's dubious shelter.

What happens in the North stays in the North. Arya’s heroic feat as the Slayer of The Night King is appreciated as a call of duty without an air of exaggerated glory. The Starks had always been humble and honorable. The girl is no exception! The girl has no pride! The girl has a bucket list to heed for.

Tyrion sets ground for his wine game which now deepens the affair of romance between Ser Jaime and Ser Brienne. Poor Tormund! He confides his heartbreak to the indifferent Hound! We feel you, Tormund!

Winter remains calm post the long night as the heat rises in the clash of claims for power.

Joy and Jealousy

As the free folks and the northern people hail Jon in honor and merry, the Dragon Queen's quest overseas is threatened. She feels envy and a torturous amount of loneliness disturbing her feeling of belongingness in the North. She, nevertheless, is unbridled in her ambitions to establish her rule in the Seven Kingdoms and this suggests no moving affection in the force of love that binds her to Jon. Her love for power proves to be gradually exceeding her power of love. She knows that the hails of love and support she acquired as the Mhysa aren't currently echoing west of the sea. She is provoked to become what she came to defeat. Her insecurity forces Jon to conceal his true identity within the bounds of the Stark family.

With the mounting losses of the Mother of Dragons, it is quite impossible not to feel sorry for her lone self. There do exist vital differences that place a conqueror and leader in either sides of the line. Hope the line is carefully and credibly widened or at least blurred with a plausible passion.

Little Bird

In season 7, Sansa says to Little finger as she sentences him to death, "I am a slow learner, it is true. But I learn. Thank you for all your lessons, Lord Baelish. I will never forget them." Sansa ( referred to as 'Little bird' by the Hound) is indeed a proficient protégé of Little finger and has surpassed her mentor via rigid striving for creating a righteous and pleasant rule in the realm that would bring power and no travail to the North. If Jon ascends the Throne, the North shall never bend the knee. Unlike Little finger who wanted power all for himself, Little Bird intends that the right person wields the power. In her stance, she steers clear. Knowledge is power and she shares hers with Tyrion for she knows he will discuss it with significant others who could take promptly prudent steps in reworking the course to break the wheel of tyrants.

More power to the Little Bird who soars higher with no intimidations of the coarse storms. It is essential for us to develop the same unflinching strength as hers to make peace with the end that is hinted at.

To be or not to be

Episode 4 forms the midpoint of this season and essentially, we find the characters caught in a baffled sense of a middle ground - to be or not to be. We do know where Jon and Dany are at -troubled and quite torn. Jon still exists in the mid point between being a Stark and a Targaryen despite his decision to leave behind Ghost and head South. Jaime decides his return to Cersei and his unborn child and is now trapped  in a disastrous place in the midst of the war. He heads to a hateful love that had plotted his murder. The things he does for love! Well, Euron stays beside Cersei who tells the Greyjoy that the life in her womb is his son. Where will Jaime stand now? His return shall only elevate the probabilities of Cersei's failure.


Tyrion and Varys stay occupied in a difficult choice that might possibly involve treason. They are drawn to the middle with their support wavering in the winds of ice and fire. Lord Varys has freed himself of the doubts and neared his conclusion. Back when Tyrion wished Varys good luck in finding him( an efficient ruler), Varys remarked who said anything about him! Now he is afraid that cocks are important.

Tyrion is as confused as we are, holding on to the center, wondering who could make the best of a ruler - one who doesn't want to rule or the one who badly wants to! From these central political choices of to be or not to be an advocate of a particular claim, the dices will roll in the game of thrones.



"Dracarys" - the command inspires fire and destruction of the enemies .As Missandei dies, she pronounces the same with hope and honor- the first time the command is mouthed by one other than Danerys. It is the first time the word is followed by no flames, flapping monstrous dragon wings and roars.

Missandei's words ignite a raging fire of revenge in Danerys. It has hit her impulses. Cersei is after all vicious and clever!  Now, following the Dragon Queen's fierce decision will arise what might or might not win her the people of Westeros. The motherhood of Cersei and Danerys has been momentous and moving through the series (as much as Catelyn's).

With Rhaegal lost to the seas  and Viseryon to the Night King, Dany is left with her only child, Drogon. A witch earlier foretells post the death of Khal Drogo that Danerys will not be able to bear any further children. Cersei who has lost three children is also left with a single child - an unborn one. Even in her case, a prophecy on motherhood forms a prime point. A witch tells young Cersei that she shall bear no more than three children and they all would die. Don't you recall the witch telling her that after her brief reign as queen, there will arrive another- younger and more beautiful! There it goes! 

She could be wrong but it could also be that the tiring efforts of the plot in placing Jon as Aegon ,the rightful heir are points to pick up thrills and twists.

The Dragon will soon spit fire and the insecure shall rise with honor beside. 

The Second Sons! Time to cross the sea, serve your Mhysa, surprise us and shock Cersei. 

May the Seven Kingdoms fall into the right hands.

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This is absolutely amazing and a live play of GOT by the way of detailing the episode.. 😍😍Always you rock the way you do Mirra and keep rocking with your great quality of describing… May you lit with the force rockstar😍😍💥💥🔥🔥

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