Summer can last decades but winter - a lifetime. The beginning of the great war is here and amidst the winter winds, the season unfolds with epic moments and establishes the base on which it will traverse through the next few months. It is terrific to witness the return of the epic besides the regret that the end has just begun. Questions fill in and so does the thrill. Following are the bases on which this fantastic season seems to be built:

The Living vs The Dead:

The very first episode of this series begins with the encounter of the Nightswatch men with the deadly White Walkers and now the dreaded are right past the wall en route to Winterfell. "When you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die!" The latter is here signifying that a fall is no end. The great war for which the enemies, the North, the Lions, the Dothraki, the fire and ice stand united will mark the significant aspect of the season and hence the show.

The dead Lord Umber's screams did send us chills and we are to see more. Now that Viseryon is with the Night King, the war will be difficult and till now, the breathing owns a relatively lower chance. Led by the dragon wolf, let's hope the pack survives.

 Aegon Targaryen - The Rightful Heir

 "You know nothing, Jon Snow" said Ygritte and later the woman. Actually, the King in the North - the resurrected crusader didn't. And, now he knows! The most riveting of the numerous unprecedented revelations is the recent one in Season 7 regarding that of Jon Snow's identity - his beautiful mother ,in the grips of bloody death bestowing him in the hands of her brother seeking a promise of protection for her son - the living evidence of her romantic affair with Rhaegar Targaryen. Jon is the rightful heir to The Iron Throne.

Troubled with insults and even a heartbreaking death as the bastard and traitor, Jon in his new life is hailed as' King in the North '.The course of his coming to terms with his origin and self as Aegon Targaryen and the North's take on it will form another lead this season. This truth is expected to open conflicts within him, within the Stark family, the North and his bond with Daenerys Targaryen. Jon's ride on Rhaegar, the Dragon through the snow-filled North was an ecstatic elevation to note. His lack of any passionate desire for power but desperation to save his people enhance his appeal as the ruler and this brings us to the next base.

 For the Throne

It is ultimately the Game of Thrones and the question is who will ascend the Iron Throne forged by the breath of Balerion. The answer of choice remains narrowed down to two now - Danerys or Aegon? Danerys has been portrayed as a powerful conqueror with a passion but her determination is two dimensional unlike that of Jon - hers is to save and rule people.

Will the Targaryens unite in the quest and who will be generous is an issue of grace forming the foundation on which the end will be constructed pumped up by politics, power play, the faceless, the vengeance and gorgeous beasts.

Cersei - The Mother 

Motherhood has marked the most moving moments of this series. Lyanna's motherhood saves Jon while Catelyn's fails. The latter points out to the failure as a consequence of her inability to mother a bastard child. The motherhood extends to Danerys and it is the same that forms the sole human aspect in Cersei. She says, "Love is a weakness, love no one but your children !" With a life in her womb, the mother in her might soften or harden her and in either way, the decisions she enforces will have a mighty influence in the great war and the others yet to come.

She holds the power and power is power. Let's see how far, deep, brutal and nasty it can penetrate.

The witch she meets in an earlier season, however, tells her that she will only have three children and this recall elevates the anticipation on the path of her fate and that of the Seven Kingdoms.

Cersei does say in the previous season" If it weren't for my children, I would have thrown myself from the highest window of the Red Keep."

We gotta wait to catch a glimpse of the human part in her vicious self and see what she retains and renounces.

The Oath-keeper

Branded as the King-slayer, Jaime Lannister's eventual evolution to the man of his promises remain touching and he has come single-handedly to aid in the great war alongside the sons and daughters of the King he slew and Lord he stabbed. His initial encounter in Winterfell is with Bran - the three-eyed raven now - the little Bran once whom he pushed off from the Tower, thereby igniting the fire of wrath between The Starks and The Lannisters and indirectly inspiring Bran's purposeful journey.

He, getting along in the North, seeking acceptance with its people, reuniting with his brother will prolong the travel and besides, we have Bronn sent on a mission by Cersei to murder her brother. Will the material-driven one open up on gratitude or brutal betrayal is again something to look for, save his terrific interactions with Tyrion Lannister. Bronn's reaction to the Crossbow sent by Cersei is truly a hilarious highpoint - "That fucking family!"Hence, Jaime's part in the War will add up to a significant lead.

And here we are with a patient passion to witness how these bases build themselves and break to an epic ending.


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