Inside a Broken Heart

Being a student of psychology, we are always encouraged to accept all emotions we feel and not to categorize feelings into negative or positive. And as a human being, it is natural to feel every single emotion from joy to sadness, anger and envy. Although the term ‘Heartbreak’, means emotional pain and longing, I want to focus on the heartbreaks that are felt by us
for a story or a character. These do make us cry a lot but there’s a certain amount of love that comes with this emotion. So today I want to share some movies and book adaptations
that are heartwarming and left us lamenting for our beloved characters.

To begin with, one of my favourite movies of all time has to be October. I still remember standing in front of the ticket counter, convincing my mother to take me that movie because something about the poster had caught my attention. But I felt doubtful when we entered the screen to find there was no one there except for my mother and I.

But then the movie started, and all worries were left behind . I was fascinated by the story of Dan falling in love with Shiuli. Not once did I take my eyes off the screen with Varun Dhawan’s acting leaving me speechless and in tears in many scenes. When my mother and I left the theatre, we didn’t talk about how the movie was because sometimes words aren’t enough to
explain the emotions felt by the heart. But that day, I felt my heart break a little for the tragic yet
splendid masterpiece.

Having felt a void for a father’s love for a long time, I had become rather oblivious towards the sentiment. But then the movie Deiva Thirumagal released, bringing back a feeling that I had forgotten about. I can’t but shed tears everytime I listen to Aariro by GV Prakash playing on the radio. My immediate instinct is to change the radio station if I’m around people because the song evokes that kind of an emotion in me.

Vikram sir’s performance as an innocent mentally disabled father who loves his daughter unconditionally is heart wrenching and will always have a special place in me. The depiction of the father and daughter’s relationship made me smile through my tears and the ending left me feeling numb for a few days. Nevertheless it's one of the few films which despite making me cry so much made me fall in love with it.

Being a huge bookworm and also a lover of movies, it always disappointed me when a book adapted film fails to induce the same effect as the book. But two the movies which satisfied all such expectations are - Me before You and Fault in our stars.

Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran, plays in the background with Will Traynor and Louisa Clark in the middle of the dance floor having one of the most peculiar yet delightful dance ever when
Will says, “Do you know something, Clark? You are pretty much the only thing that makes me want to get up in the morning.” In that moment you feel the love and you drown in it.

The whole scene leaves you with a wide grin and a hopeful heart. Yet when events unfold and leave you shaking your head, you also feel quite irritated and a little hatred against Will.
But when Lou catches the flight to Switzerland to be with him in his last moments,
It’s not just her but a piece of your own heart that tears itself and goes with her.
Hands down, one of the best love stories to be made!

Millions of hearts shattered when Augustus Waters said, “I lit up like a Christmas Tree, Hazel Grace, The lining of my chest, my hip, my liver, everywhere.” He continues, “Apparently, the world is not a wish granting factory.” And you want to track down John Green and kill him for doing injustice to your favourite characters. But you continue watching the love story with melancholy. Yet when the Hindi version of Fault in our stars, Dil Bechara was released I’m sure no one hesitated to go down that hard lane again!

Sushant Singh Rajput, the king of our hearts nailed the performance as Manny, and along with AR Rahman sir doing his magic in the background, the movie drives straight home. The news of SSR’s demise had shaken the entire country and left all fans heartbroken and mourning for our beloved. Our sore hearts were full of love and remorse for the wonderful person who had gained his way into our lives through his unforgettable memories and incredible performances.

And it was truly a joyous yet sorrowful experience to see him once again on our screens and managing to win our hearts yet again. Watching the bond between Manny and Kizie becoming full of pain and yet stronger, constantly wretches your gut and leaves you creating a special and almost personal attachment with the characters. The emotions flood out while reading Manny’s letter and a part of you dies at the end when he says, “Seri, Kizie Basu”

Although we have lost an amazing and dedicated actor and Dil Bechara was SSR’s last movie, it can without a doubt be said that it was one of the best performances in his whole career. He will always be missed, remembered and the love showered on him by his fans will never die out.

I believe that the success of a book or a movie depends on how much the audience and readers connect with the characters. How the actors bring the characters alive. The rollercoaster of emotions we experience. The love we feel for the story. The impact it leaves on us. From the time, it simply stops being a movie or a book and becomes a part of ourselves. From the time, it breaks our heart a little and occupies the empty space and becomes an emotion itself.

Written by,
Yutika Sagar

Gj eechu September 07, 2020

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Meena September 07, 2020

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Aisha September 07, 2020

This is so beautiful! I’m proud of every word written here. Love to you❤️

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