Kadavul Irukan Kumaru

I still remember the day when me and my friends shouted "Kadavul Irukan Kumaru" with so much joy and happiness just because our Maths teacher was absent and so we got an extra PT period. Growing up in a scenario where people worship the supreme power with different names, stories and pictures, I too believed that there is God. It is always good to fear an external power. But nothing in the world is good or bad. Its always about the perceptions.Yes, it is the perception that matters!

Films like Oh My Kadavule and Arain En 305-il Kadavul shows how God pushes one to realize what life is by being the protagonist himself.These films also showed how people have fantasied the supreme power. There was even a scene where God himself has to prove that he is THE God by making theurgy.

On the other side we had Anbe Sivam where another definition of god was given. It beautifully told us that there is no need to search for god outside when that power exists inside each on of us. It made me understand that if you do good for someone the universe will return the favour. Being compassionate is divinity.That part inside us which sheds tears for others - Andha manasu dhan kadavul.

Whatever the talk maybe we can relate it with Super Deluxe. Such characters like Arpudham and Shilpa who have different emotions towards the power are the ultimate reality on god theories. What one saw as a rock, the other saw power. That dialogue "Adhu verum kallu dhana saamy" came in at a crucial point and gave a different perspective to the story.

But my greatest impact by a character speaking about God was created by Vidya Balan in Mission Mangal where she talks about how there is a power behind science. Pray to the power not the picture. It was never about the picture but the feeling of hope that comes from believing in a superior power. Changing the prayer or picture doesn't change the power and that's something I'd like to leave you all wait.

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- Harinie A S


Thahaseen September 18, 2020

Woah!! Nailed it akka 🔥🔥 I’m so happy for you ❤️ keep going 🥰 FIGHTING!! ✊🏻✊🏻

Mahasri Ramachandran September 18, 2020

Supr AS😎 keep rocking THALA🔥🔥

Anand September 18, 2020


A distinct descriptive of the whole point, in which the whole world revolves and still struggling to knowledging on, through movies and its dialogues,


Sanaa September 28, 2020

Great creative writing 👍

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