Kadhalika Vayathilai

Elderly Romance is always divine as it looks for the heart that lasts till the last breath and the hand that holds when your hand trembles. Love at the later stages of life is amazing. Recollecting the loved memories or sometimes recreating this old feeling with a new someone who loves your blonde white hair, wrinkles on your face. 

Seeing elderly romance on Tamil movies makes us realize what true love is. It’s about someone who accepts your bests and worsts. The movie Pannaiyarum Padminiyum made us fall in love with the couple who care for each other. The song Onakkaaga Poranthaenae beautifully describes the couple’s love for each other. He wants to fulfill her dream by taking her in the car even if he doesn't know driving. The effort put in to make dreams come true despite their age, feels very warming to watch.

She is his better half and he's the perfect half for her. Both the actors did full justice to the characters, letting us drown in their true love.

All love stories don't travel in a straight  path and don't always have a happy ending. Life is not calculative and cannot be judged by anyone. Some movies like Pa Paandi and Kaala, bring out this very essence of life.

Love never dies but it fades out as time goes on. It's like a dead tree with no leaves but breathing roots. When those hearts meet back again, they know that they should try and control the feeling but often fail to do so. I think it's not wrong unless they are bound by other relationships.                                 

Recreating love is equally painful and happy, as they are not with each other but the mere presence of the significant other can satisfy them. The fact that they cannot have them for their entire life is like living with a wound that never heals.

Elderly romance has this soulful connection of adjusting with each other and helping make each other’s life beautiful as seen in the movie Kabali. The thirst of the relationship never dies in both the hero and the heroine's hearts as we see in the song Mayanadhi.

Love never gets old and the butterfly effect never fades out. When you meet again it's unstoppable. I know it's difficult to find love like that but when it happens never let it go. Catch your cloud, create your rainbow, build your love castle. For a new life that’ll never age!

Written by 

Sheik Ibrahim K


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