Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Tea is the most loved beverage in India. It is the common taste of our country. Everyone will agree to the fact that tea is an emotion. It is the secret key to  happiness. From some quick comfort to curing heartbreaks, there is nothing that a cup of tea can’t do!

Even in Cinema, tea plays an important role. It often plays the role of a supporting object. Be it the tea party in Alice in Wonderland or the mysterious cup in Harry Potter, Tea goes on to become a little more than a mere prop to an important aspect of the film. 

In the film Pariyerum Perumal at the end, the hero will have a black tea whereas the person who is in higher caste drinks the milk tea. This climax frame portrays a strong message where the tea glasses metaphorically represent the lead characters. Milk tea is a privilege whereas the black tea is just tea and water. Simple and unadulterated. In this scene, both the characters also sit on an equal platform while starting the conversation about equality. Kudos to the director who portrayed the whole point of the film in just a simple frame.


When it comes to tea how can we forget coffee? There is always a conflict between tea and coffee as to which one is the better drink. This conflict can be interpreted in different ways. Such an interpretation is beautifully delineated in the movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’ in the scene where Veer(Rishi Kappor) tells his love story to Jai (Saif). They are seen in a coffee shop where Veer is having tea and Jai coffee. This simply illustrates their characteristics.  Coffee being a rich man’s beverage is new and classy. Whereas the tea, a  poor man’s drink is old and pleasing. Both of them represent the two states of the characters where coffee is love and tea becomes mohabbat. The director shows his brilliance by metaphorizing these similar yet uniquely different drinks to be characters from different ages with different opinions and mindsets. 

The culture of drinking tea is there for ages. Apart from being a house tradition, tea drinking has become an important part in our life. Tea is more than  just a cup of drink to start one’s day with. It is a thick sweet drink that becomes an integral part of the rhythm of life. Whether it’s a family discussion, a romantic date with a partner, an official conversation with your boss or a political conversation on the roadside, Tea is always there with you through all emotions of your life. Like in films, tea can also be metaphorized into many emotions and acts in our life! There is always some space for tea, a refreshment from the chaos of life. 

So, get the kettle going, brew yourself a nice hot cup and savor the little moments in life

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- Hitha Jayapalan 

Silpa menoth September 25, 2020


MINAIVA MANZOOR September 25, 2020

From Pariyerum Perumal to Harry Potter !
Quite good vision…
Keep improvising.

Sinda Philomin September 25, 2020

Loved it…
Keep doing💖

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