Mazhaiyum Neeye 

Rain for me is the heartwarming melody for my soul. Every time it rains, it brings a certain kind of happiness and tranquility to my heart. If not for the rain, most of my writing wouldn’t be inspired. I wouldn’t feel like being happy at times, just basically boring without some rain in my life. This is what rain does to me personally and here are some sequences where rain had an impact more than the scene for me. 


This by far has to be the best heroine introduction scene, even till date. Rajesh is waiting on a public phone booth on a heavy rainy night for his father to pick the call. There’s a broken down car near by and a few kids playing in the rain. This is when Reena comes out of the car, walks to the kids, removes her slippers and starts playing with them. And all of this is in silhouette all this while. He tries hard to get a look at her face, but in vain. Then there’s one big lightning when which flashes her face to him for a mere few seconds. He knows she’s the one with those few seconds. This is beautiful in many other ways than just a beautiful scene. The rain that night is the life of Rajesh. He has not been good with girls, never liked anyone much, always been with the guys, his friends. But she has come into his life like a lightning. This literally constitutes to the title of the film too. Here it is proved that even just a second is enough for anyone to fall in love. 

Rhythm - Nadhiye Nadhiye:

This movie has an unique album that came out in those times. The 5 songs in this movie constitutes the 5 elements on earth. Water, Air, Wind, Fire, and Land. The rain song talks about the connections between water and woman. How they’re both same in terms of their characteristics and behaviour. They both have curves, keep running all through their life without a stop, they’re really mouldable, and most of all they’re everywhere to be found in nature. Rain is always personified to be woman, but here the woman were personified to be rain. This song is an all-time ode to womanhood. 

Mazhai – Minnale Minnale:

This movie went up a notch by making a love story with rain as the main plot point. It’s the rain that gets the hero to meet the heroine on a railway station. Here comes the most beautiful song of the album, Minnale Minnale. Shriya’s dance movements and her graceful looks from the eyes make us want to sit straight and keep watching her dance with a dropped jaw. She literally speaks to rain in this movie. They make a condition to meet the next time that it rains. And the time after that. So, it’s like they left all their decisions to the universe, to the almighty, to the ever beautiful rain. Might be an underrated movie, but the plot of it was used to it best use in my opinion. 

Yennai Arindhaal – Mazhai Vara Pogudhey:

This is one song that does not have the visuals of rain it, but the whole song signifies something that beautiful with its lyrics. “It is going to rain, I can see the drizzles, where do I hide?” These are the starting lines of the song. If you look closely, it’s the life of Satyadev IPS who has not had a woman in his life and is like a barren land. Now it seems like it is going to rain, he can’t wait for it but doesn’t know how to react to it either. He is confused and yet happy at the same time. As he keeps getting to know her through the course of the song, the lyrics change to the character traits of the woman. This signifies that he is fully drenched in love and now he can only see the woman in her and nothing else except her. A beautifully written and shot song that didn’t lose its meaning with the video. 

Eeram – Mazhaiye Mazhaiye:

This is a very unique song in this album, or maybe ironic I should say for the fact that the protagonist’s love is shown with a down pour and that she dies also in a bathtub full of water. It’s almost like it has come a full circle. But the song here speaks only for the hero. He has proposed his love and he seems to see that she also likes him. So the lines go as “Rain, you drizzling rain answer me if this is love? I’m getting drenched here alone.” He thinks she also likes him and the fact that she has accepted his love. Yet he has this doubtful question in his mind if he’s getting drenched alone in this beautiful rain. He feels like an island that is been surrounded by water that is the woman. Even there he is alone. This always struck me as an unique song with respect to rain because of the element of loneliness being added into it in a different way, yet addressed aesthetically.

By Subramaniam Sai 

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